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9 Dicembre 2022 4 risposte
Der Entwickler dieses Plugins sollte sich vielleicht nochmal den WP-Codex zu Gemüte führen, dann vielleicht noch 3-5 Jahre PHP-best-practices ansehen, bevor er auch nur nochmal auf die Idee kommt, so ein Stück Abfall/Sicherheitsproblem auf die Menschheit loszulassen. --- In english, since this review is under moderation: do NOT install this plugin, because it has several security issues. These are because the author doesn't know how to code/doesn't care about WP Codex. Basic requirements about PHP: nonexistent.
4 Agosto 2022
Thank you to the developer of this plugin - beautifully, tastefully designed. Clearly a lot of thought and attention to detail was put into this; the Wordpress team themselves could learn a thing or two from this UI. That this is free is just icing on the cake.
15 Gennaio 2021
Simple, clean, works well. I really like being able to add my own CSS directly into the plugin settings. Well done.
19 Ottobre 2020
Finally a light theme for the WordPress administration, many settings and practical functions. I am pleasantly surprised, it is a very good job. Well done ! 😀
14 Agosto 2020
Such a massive improvement over the default admin UI. Great work!!
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