LendingQ allows you to specify multiple locations and item types, and then add items to your stock.

Non-admin users can fill out a Hold on an item from a specific item type and location.

This creates a Check Out list, ordered by date.

Users can be marked as contacted, and items have a time to lend. Overdue items are listed.

The Check In list allows non-admin users to check devices back in, and even mark them as lost, stolen or broken. Admin users can reenable these items once fixed or replaced.


Why doesn “something” work?

This is an alpha release that is being tested to work out the kinks!


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Contributi e sviluppo

“LendingQ” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Ti interessa lo sviluppo?

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • BUGFIX: If you try to add a hold on an item type that isn’t in the stock for that location, the hold will error and go to draft.


  • BUGFIX: Check out list was in reverse order!
  • BUGFIX: Made it so that if you draft a ticket with a bad entry, you can still edit the waiting date and time, if applicable.


  • Added in Bulk Delete in stock to make pagination reset work again.


  • Fixed date (changed from date_i18n to date) on the check out page to correct timezone.
  • Changed page to 1 when you activate a filter on the posts page.


  • Fixed the check in page to work in PHP 5 (array_column wasn’t working with an array of post objects)


  • Added the ability to filter the Check Out page by location.


  • Added in text-domain functions
  • Replaced all instances of array() with []


  • Deactivated the test holder Dashboard Widget.
  • Fixed the alternating rows CSS for Check in and Check out lists.
  • Removed an extra quote in the option list for filters.
  • Added the post status and made it sortable to the All Holds list.
  • Removed unwanted test files.


  • Reorganized all functions alphabetically.


  • Renamed all globals to prefix with LENDINGQ_


  • Fixed external include of validate Jquery library.
  • Added sanitizing to all REQUESTs.


  • First public Alpha version.