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AMP Designs for Elementor by LevelUP


LevelUP is a Design Library for Elementor that offers unlimited pre-built designs for FREE. We will be creating and releasing new design elements every week which will be deliveried directly to your elementor. Our designs are optimized for performance and compatible with AMP.

LevelUP’s core feature is the design library, it’s fully plug and play. If you want to get new designs on daily basis, you need to connect to our server through an API key which is totally FREE (and will be free forever).

We do not track any of your data, we just deliver the design elements through API. If you don’t wish to connect then you can still use the plugin but it will only give you access to the pre-built 10 designs. If you have doubts about the data or privacy then you can check our terms or directly contact us on

We are also working on the Gutenberg compatibility which will be coming with the future updates.


  • Non-AMP Version | AMP Version. In this example, we spent less than 2 minutes on the AMP and yet it’s exactly the same with valid output.

Pre-Built Modules


  • Font Awesome 4.7.0 ( Font: SIL OFL 1.1, CSS: MIT License )
  • Lightslider v1.1.3 ( – Copyright (c) 2015 Sachin N; Licensed MIT )
  • Some code used in this plugin was forked from Customify | License: GPLv2 or later & License URI: )
  • Modernizr 2.7.1 (Custom Build) | MIT & BSD | Build:
  • Code forked from One Click Demo Import 2.5.1 ( | Under Licensed GPL3 )


  • 50+ Designs that are compatible with AMP and provides full customizability in the Elementor frontend editor
  • Header & Footer Builder
  • New Design Elements added every week.
  • AMP: First plugin to build AMP compatibility on Elementor (or any other pagebuilder for that matter). Our Elementor widgets works perfectly on AMP as well as non-amp version.

Active Development:

We are actively developing this plugin and our aim is to make this plugin into the #1 theme in the world.


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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

1.1 (2nd February 2018)

  • New Modules and designs added
  • Header Footer Builder added
  • Better Compatibility
  • Improved User Experience

1.0.1 (14th September 2018)

  • Library sync check only if the API is connected
  • readme.txt updated

1.0 (6th September 2018)

  • Initial Release