Limelight Forms


Build powerful fully customizable forms and put them anywhere on your site!
It’s great for:
– Sales Funnels
– Lead Generation
– Contact Forms
– Giving Access to Exclusive Content
– Multi-Step Forms
– Various Send Mail Functions
– Can Create a WP User Account
– Can Save/Archive forms to Your Website
– Page Redirect or Pop-up Messages
– Site Login/Logout
Integrations Include:
– Google Recaptia
– Active Campaign
Download and start creating custom forms right now!
This plugin allows access to the Limelight Forms cloud service.
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Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Build forms using draggable custom elements
  • Easy event addition for form submissions

Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

– Bug fix: Fixed issue where events weren’t always given id’s
– Feature: Added ActiveCampaign Session option to allow for saved state across form submissions

– Bug fix: Security feature update for login nonces

– Added functionallity for WPUser events to add and remove roles
– Refined tabs and tab events to run more smoothly

– Improved admin labeling
– Improved error handling

– Added Style Options
– Colorpicker element update

– Fixed issues with live style updates

– Removed duplicate element ids when duplicating an element within the form builder.

– Fixed issue with license validation.

– Fixed empty value error when there are no exclude scripts on posts options set.