Limit Revision Publishing


Limit Revision Publishing restricts edits made by users without the publish_posts capability. Their edits will be saved as an unpublished revision, and the original post will remain published. The All Posts view in the WordPress Dashboard will contain a column indicating posts with unpublished revisions. Notification emails can be sent to a subset of users whenever a new revision has been submitted so users with elevated privileges can publish them. Finally, specific roles can be marked as limited, so any users with that role will be restricted from publishing revisions on all post types.


  1. Upload “limit-revision-publishing” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Set the requisite permissions and roles via the Settings -> Limit Revision Publishing options page.


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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fix for some ACF field values not restoring properly. Ref


  • Fix for ‘Pending Revision’ column not sortable on custom post types.
  • Fix for pending content shown to logged in users if it was fetched via ajax.


  • Fix for autosave content getting published if the autosave is the revision immediately prior to the current revision in the revision history.


  • Fix encoded ampersands in notification emails.


  • Fix for pending revisions on ACF fields being shown.


  • Fix for notification emails not being sent when creating a new post as Pending Review.
  • Fix for invalid parameters to get_user_by() causing certain notification emails not to send. Props @joelstransky!


  • Fix for PHP error on ACF Field Groups screen.


  • Add filter for Pending Revision to All Posts/Pages screen.
  • Fix for sorting by Pending Revision in All Posts/Pages screen.
  • Fix for Pages missing from permissions chart in plugin settings.


  • Add [edit_url] shortcode in notification emails.
  • Fix for all users being emailed if ‘Roles to notify’ setting was empty.
  • Fix for Role Settings missing custom post types with show_in_nav_menus=false (i.e., types meant to not show up under Appearance>Menus).
  • Fix: Remove redundant labels in Role Settings.


  • Add ability to restrict any role’s publishing capability.
  • Add descriptive table of roles to plugin options.
  • Add customizable notification email to plugin options.
  • Fix ACF revision integration (ACF Pro >= 5.4.0).


  • First official release.


  • Development version.