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Do you host your Coupon & Deal Website with PremiumPress Coupon Theme? If yes, this plugin is here to make your life a lot easier. It automatically syncs your website every hour and adds/updates/deletes latest Coupons & Deals from various sources.


  • LinkMyDeals provides daily Coupon Feeds from 4000+ Online Stores
  • New Stores will be created automatically in your PremiumPress Coupon Theme (if they don’t already exist) using this plugin
  • Coupons & Deals are clasified into an exhaustive list of categories based on Industry Standards. These categories will be created automatically in your PremiumPress Coupon Theme using this plugin.
  • All your Affiliate IDs and Preferences can be set at Accordingly your coupons & deals will be monetized with deeplinks from your preferred Affiliate Network.
  • Deeplinks are exactly as generated by your affiliate networks. It contains YOUR Affiliate Ids, so you get 100% commission.
  • For a full list of features, visit


LinkMyDeals is not associated with PremiumPress in any way. This plugin is provided completely independently, to help LinkMyDeals subscribers upload offers if they are using PremiumPress Coupon Theme.


In case of queries, drop an email to, or visit LinkMyDeals Support and create a ticket.


  • Settings


  1. Install PremiumPress Coupon Theme Theme in WordPress
  2. Download this plugin (.zip file) and extract it in wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the Plugin.
  4. This plugin uses wp-cron. Make sure wp-cron is enabled from your hosting side.


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