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This is an extremely simple plugin (one line of code!) that deletes all domain cookies whenever a user logs out of your WordPress site, and then redirects the user to the site homepage.

Why? Because by default, WordPress sets a number of cookies that it doesn’t remove on its own when you log out.

There are security and privacy benefits, because if there are vulnerabilities in WordPress or in your browser, or if someone has access to your computer or device, they may be able to access these cookies. (That goes for you or for anyone who logs into your site to add a post or comment.)

Likewise, when a user logs out of your site using a public or shared computer, there won’t be any domain cookies left behind.

The plugin also gives you back the “regular user view” of your site, because after you log out you can browse your site as an anonymous user, without having to manually clear cookies in your browser. (There are many plugins that will display different content or show cached or uncached versions of pages if they see that WordPress cookies have been set.)


  1. Install and activate. That’s it!

The plugin does not modify your files or database in any way, and does not actually contain any activation or deactivation code.

To uninstall, simply delete the plugin. You can deactivate it first, but it is also perfectly safe to delete the plugin without deactivating.


The plugin didn’t clear all the cookies in my browser, why not? I want a plugin that can delete *all* cookies, not just those set for my site’s domain name.

This plugin clears cookies set on your site’s domain or subdomain (whatever WordPress has set the value of COOKIE_DOMAIN to be).

It is not possible for a web application to set or clear any cookies except for those that it has previously set on its own domain. This is a standard part of every browser’s security model! It would be a huge security flaw if your browser allowed a website to view, set or clear the cookies used by another website.

Why redirect to the site homepage after logout instead of back to the admin console login page (`wp-login.php`)?

Because the admin console login page actually sets a new cookie when your browser loads it.


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  • Changed redirect url from WP_HOME to get_option(‘siteurl’).


  • Initial public release.
  • Tested over two years using WordPress 3.7 through 4.7.3.