LTR RTL Admin content


Enable LTR in admin content area. Click the admin bar button to switch between RTL & LTR. This plugin adds a button to the admin bar. Clicking the button switches between RTL & LTR text direction of current page content only. The LTR/RTL state is saved in current browser only.


  • Before clicking LTR<=>RTL
  • After clicking LTR<=>RTL


  1. Upload the plugin to the plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. LTR <=> RTL button is added automatically to the adminbar.


12 Agosto 2020
I spent over an hour combing through the internet trying to figure out how to publish a Hebrew language post in an English language site. This plugin did it so easily. Before I found it I was tearing my hair out. With a single click everything displays properly. But one small issue, still can't figure out how to get the post headline to display RTL.
25 Novembre 2019
With Google Chrome on Mac and WordPress 5.3, it's working randomly, and most of the time it's not… I'm working with multilingual websites, and it would be useful to have that plugin working.
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  • Mark as supports WordPress 5.5


  • Mark as supports WordPress 5.4


  • Mark as supports WordPress 5.3


  • Mark as supports WordPress 5.0


  • Mark as supports WordPress 4.9


  • Mark as supports WordPress 4.7


  • Mark as supports WordPress 4.6


  • Mark as supports WordPress 4.5


  • Mark as supports WordPress 4.4.1


  • Add banner and icon to


  • Add Arabic. Thanks to Muhammad Zahalqa


  • Save the same state as current page to: jump to current page anchors and options saves.
  • Indicate RTL/LTR state in toolbar button.


  • Release iniziale