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Mail Mage


Easily create marketing automations such as recovering abandoned WooCommerce carts, Send out WooCommerce review reminder emails and many other types of WooCommerce follow up emails can be created with ease.

Creating automations simply by choosing and configuring when to trigger, how long to wait before sending, and customising what email is sent using template variables to inject data captured from the event.


  • Send emails when post, page or custom post type statuses change.
  • Send emails when on user registration.
  • Send emails on a Monthly, Weekly or Daily schedule.
  • Send emails when a WooCommerce order status is changed.
  • Send emails when a WooCommerce cart is declared abandoned.
  • Send emails when a WooCommerce subscription status changes.
  • Send email immediatly when an event is triggered, delay sending of emails by a minimum amount of time, or send emails on a monthly, weekly, or daily schedule.
  • Create emails using WordPress, WooCommerce or custom email templates.
  • Allow users to unsubscribe from future emails.
  • Create email messages using text variables, View a full list of available text variables
  • Send preview emails.


WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery emails

Create and send targeted emails to customers who have left without completing their purchases, once their cart has been declared as abandoned (cart is left dormant for 1 hour and email address has been captured).

Studies carried out in 2020 on average show that the rate of cart abandonment online ranges between 55-80%, with abandoned cart recovery emails some reports suggest on average a 15% recovery rate.

View abandoned cart recovery email example

WooCommerce product reminder emails

Increase the amount of WooCommerce product reviews, by automatically generating targeted customer emails listing purchased products each with a review link, scheduling the sending of emails after an order has been marked as complete.

View review reminder email example


  • WooCommerce Product Review Reminder automation
  • WooCommerce Product Review Reminder email
  • WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery automation
  • WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery email


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/mail-mage directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Tools->Mail Mage screen to create and view your automation

For further documentation on installing and using Mail Mage can be found here


24 Maggio 2023
Light and super easy. Hopefully the plug-in will continue to be maintained. Adding translation strings would be welcome. We are happy to translate "Leave Review" into Dutch. Thank you
26 Gennaio 2021
Useful little plugin, had been looking for a plugin to remind customers about reviewing their purchased products on a clients WooCommerce website for a while, tried plenty of other popular free plugins offering to do this, but each had features missing or stuck behind a paywall. Found this plugin by chance and seems to doing the job so far, this plugin does have a limitation though, of only being able to add a single automation but on a plus not it does comes with all features.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Rename php constants with MAIL_MAGE prefix.
  • Fix reporting charts for weeks.


  • Added text argument to wc_order.items variable to set review link text.


  • Fixed email reports to display click interactions
  • Fixed preview email to initiate placeholder cleanup


  • Fixed issue with only one automation showing.


  • Added new event to check subscription status changes.
  • Added ability to add multiple automations.


  • Added ability to send email on a schedule.
  • Updated ewp_max_hourly_emails default to 0, which means no hourly sending limit.
  • Fixed reports not showing for email actions.
  • Fix composer issue due to not setting minimum php version.


  • Added total column to abandoned carts table, gets calculated when marked as abandoned.
  • Added default email template styling.
  • Added email button, used for {{wc_cart.view_button}}, and {{general.button}}, with parameters (text,url, color)


  • Added subscribers table to keep track of unsubscribed emails
  • Added check for unsubscribed users before sending
  • Added limit to stop email spamming to same address, defaults 10 minutes on same automation
  • Added dropdown to enable unsubscribe link added to email footer
  • Added basic styled unsubscribe pages
  • Added unsubscribe preview link to test email
  • Fixed issue with WC_Email
  • Add hourly sending limit


  • Added compatability for WC < 3.7


  • Added pagination to Automation queue
  • Updated LogAction to only write to file when EWP_DEBUG is defined, while still adding log to activity reports


  • Updated WC Email template to inline styles.


  • Added email preview box to bottom of action form.


  • Fixed delay ui issue with hours select showing by default


  • Fixed issue with running email from queue, no longer copies parent scheduled time, and if single email address is present it send straight away, otherwise emails are queue.
  • Added {{}} {{general.description}} variables to display site name and description
  • Switch from rest to Ajax when storing abandoned carts
  • Added schedule settings.


  • Added fallback argument to woocommerce name variables {{*.first_name | fallback=”}}, {{*.last_name | fallback=”}}, {{*.full_name | fallback=”}}
  • Added {{general.user_emails | role=’subscriber’}} variable to fetch list of wordpress registered users emails.
  • Added cc and bcc fields to send email.
  • Added parent_id column to queue table.
  • Added functionality if multiple ‘to’ addresses, emails separately added to the queue, allows for tracking per email.
  • Added send now, or cancel buttons on automation queue.


Fix issue with WooCommerce causing 500 error on rest requests.


Initial plugin release