MailChimp Subscribe Form, Optin Builder, PopUp Builder, Form Builder


Create Beautiful Subscribe Forms easily in less than 1 minute. Itegrated with MailChimp and GetResponse.

From now you don’t need to create boring white subscribe forms that do not convert. Use Subscribe forms and create, Using Premium form templates which are designed to not just increase your subscribers but maximize them.

Simple, Easy to Use, Subscribe Form Plugin Saves you hours of work

You can create high converting subscribe forms in seconds without having any technical knowledge. Subscribe Form offers beautiful templates that are designed to increase subscribers. You can collect subscribers data and send it directly to MailChimp or save it in your database and export as .csv file for any E-mail marketing service.

With Subscribe form plugin you can easily change the styling of your forms in no time to match the styling of your theme. Now its time to get rid of boring white and grey subscribe forms on which no one pays attention.

With our collection of Subscribe Form templates your Forms will look as good as they perform. Designed to maximize your subscribers. Our Subscribe Form templates offer complete flexibility and are easily customizable. Easy to use template editor will boost your speed of Subscribe Form creation.

Use our form building techniques and we guarantee you more than 100% increase in subscribers


  • Beautiful Premium templates + Free Templates.
  • Visual Template Editor.
  • MailChimp Supported.
  • Shortcode Supported.
  • Shortcode can be used in widgets.
  • Form data can also be saved in database.
  • Download form data as .csv file.
  • No coding skills required.
  • No Powered by or created by message.

==Premium Version Features==

  • GetResponse Integration
  • Send Email Newsletters.
  • All Templates Unlocked.
  • PopUp Feature.
  • Subscribe Bar Feature.
  • Responsive Forms.
  • Unlimited Forms.
  • Change Form styling.
  • Ajax Forms.

Just install and use short-code.

This plugin works great with the <a href='' target='_blank'
Ultimate Landing Page Ultimate Landing Page plugin reduces your work and helps you collect emails easily and maximize you conversions/sales.


The easy way:

  1. Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress
  2. Search for “MailChimp Subscribe Form”
  3. Click “Install”

The not so easy way:

  1. Upload MailChimp Subscribe Forms to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Attivare il plugin tramite il menu ‘Plugin’ di WordPress
  3. A menu item entitled “ Subscribe Form” will Appear.
  4. Create New Form from “Subscribe form” menu.
  5. Use Shortcode provided in options panel to show the mailchim subscribe form in posts.


Q. Is MailChimp Subscribe form plugin mobile friendly ?

A. Yes, MailChimp Subscribe form plugin is completely responsive and it is created using modern web technologies.

Q. Does MailChimp Subscribe form plugin supports other email integration ?

A. Yes, MailChimp Subscribe form plugin supports GetResponse, MailChimp & database.

Q. How many MailChimp Subscribe forms I can create ?

A. You can create unlimited number of MailChimp Subscribe forms.

Q. How can I save subscribers data from MailChimp Subscribe form plugin ?

A. If you use database save method you can save all your subscribers via a .csv file.


This plugin is really good.

It works very intuitively, but the best part of it is the great customer support! They are very quick, they precisely know what to do and they solve your problems for you.
It’s really good to know that they provide such a good service! I would really recommend this plugin!


Really Misleading Text

Using a mailchimp logo and name for misleading people . owner is bad english in the descritpion and title for e.g Mailchimp is not listed in premium feature. FREE TEMPLATES is writen but there is only 1 default free template. stop being a jerk and see what other companies write when they provide free and pro content.

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Change log (registro delle modifiche)


  • New Feature : New Templates.
  • New Feature : Inline Optin.
  • New Feature : SideBar Optin.
  • New Feature : Click Tracking & Analytics.
  • New Feature : Custom Webhook Sync.
  • Bug Fixes : Optimized for WordPress 5.0


  • Fixed Mailchimp API Bug.


  • New Templates.
  • New Widget Options.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Performance Improvements.


  • Improvement : Faster render time while editing Rows, Columns & Widgets.
  • New Features : Integrations with ConertKit, Aweber, Drip.
  • New Widget : Shortcode Widget.


  • Added New Templates.
  • Added Widget Blocks.
  • Bug Fixed : Warnings messages removed.
  • Performance Improvements.


  • Major Bug fixes.
  • Performance Improvement.


  • Added : New Overlay Options.
  • Added : New Templates.
  • Fixed : Templates Bug.
  • Fixed : PopUp Can’t close bug from last update.

V 3.9.8


  • Added : Advanced Conversion Analytics.
  • Added : Call To Action / Button Click Through tracking.
  • Added : Design Options For Form Builder Widget.
  • Added : Design Options For CountDown Widget.
  • Improvement : Decreased editor page load time.
  • Fixed : Responsive Preview.
  • Fixed : Widget Editor Not Working in some cases.
  • Fixed : Column Width Resize Not Updating.


  • Subcribers Database Storage Bug Fix.


  • MailChimp Integration Free.
  • GetResponse Integration free.
  • Unlimited subscribers for each subscribe form.


  • Added popup feature for subscribe forms.
  • Added subscribe form preview.
  • Fixed desgin bug.


  • Added custom widget for email subscribe forms, Just add widget to your sidebar or widget area and select the subscribe form to display.


  1. Subscribe Form database subscribtion duplication fixed.
  2. Bug & design fixes.


  1. MailChimp Subscribe Form Subscribtion Error Fixed
  2. MailChimp Subscribe Form Design Fixes


  1. New Mailchimp Subscribe Form Template
  2. Bug Fixes


  1. Better MailChimp forms UI.
  2. Bug fixes.
  3. Download MailChimp subscribers list.


  1. Mailchimp Major Bug Fixes
  2. Ajax Support for Mailchimp subscribe form
  3. Redirect to Thankyou page