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Lightbox built for photographers, by photographers 🙂 If you want to see how it performs, have a look at one of my post on my website, for example this one: Best Abandoned Places in Japan. Or with a gallery, in that case, any page on And here is the official page: Meow Lightbox.

IMPORTANT. By default, the selector is set on ‘.entry-content’. If your theme doesn’t use it, you need to update the plugin options. The plugin will then look for images surrounded by links and apply the lightbox. When you insert images in your posts, make sure the “Link To” is set to “Media File” or to “Attachment Page”. For more information, please check the official page.

– Responsive Layouts. Looks great on mobile, tablets and bigger screens.
– Responsive Images. Image resolution itself will adapt to the screen and device.
– Display Image / EXIF information. Shutter speed, aperture, camera, lens.

PRO. Pre-loading and display a map for images with GPS coordinates.

GALLERY. We believe that choice of the gallery system depends on you. We however recommend you to use the Meow Gallery.

BETA, PLEASE HELP US. This plugin is fairly recent. So we need your feedbacks to improve it. We will keep it simple, nice and powerful. We however don’t want to bloat it with too many useless or heavy options. If it’s not working for you, please don’t get angry, because we need your help. Talk to us, we are here, and willing to help 🙂

Languages: English.

Screenshot (schermate)

  • Lightbox displaying EXIF information


  1. Upload meow-lightbox to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Please have a look at Meow Lightbox.

Installation Instructions
  1. Upload meow-lightbox to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Simple, but great

The lightbox is a simple piece of functionality, but it works so well, you just set it up and, it works! Very elegant and useful, in use on my site everywhere! 😉

A free lightbox with all photographing features I need

In comparison with other lightbox plugins for different galleries, this plugin is the one which is really made for photgraphers. Coming from Koken, I used to have the EXIF information (aperture, shutter speed…) besides a photo. Trying other galleries, I had to patch this information into the source code, while this plugin shows them by default.

I have to criticize one thing: the used icon font gets loaded from a CDN, which is not so good in Europe because of the new law (EU GDPR). I’ve fixed that by downloading the ionic font locally and adding the following to the functions.php of my child theme:

function unhook_gdpr_style() {
	// ionic fonts
	wp_dequeue_style( 'ionicons' );
	wp_register_style( 'ionicons_local', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/ionicons.min.css' );
	wp_enqueue_style( 'ionicons_local' );
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'unhook_gdpr_style', 20 );

But besides that, I love it. Five stars without thinking long about that.

A good job!

Works right out of the box with your standard WP gallery code. The design looks clean. Easy to understand settings, with just the right options, like choice of layout (with photo data or without it), and light or dark background.

If you also install the Meow Gallery plugin you instantly have a choice of three different gallery types (with options) that work with the lightbox, using the standard WP gallery shortcode. Easy-peasy.

I also experienced that support is excellent. So, all in all a good plugin.

A few suggestions for the developers, though:

– The maximum size of the displayed image should be the 100% size of the image. If your images are not HD (like mine, I publish them intentionally at a lower resolution on my site) it means they can become blurry on large screens, since they’re always displayed full screen. Maybe you could add this as an option?

– Maybe a matter of taste, but the left alignment of the images in photographer’s mode looks a bit odd when you combine portrait and landscape images in one series. I would prefer just one type of alignment, like in standard mode.

– I don’t like having ui-elements (like prev and next button) in the images. They disturb the view and sometimes become invisible. I’d rather prefer a border around the image with al the graphic elements.

– The image title looks quite big and bold compared to the images.

The Lightbox Standard

The best lightbox plugin that I have ever tried with WordPress. It’s versatile and so easy to configure. Everything is intuitive. Excellent lightbox interface. Once I tried it I had no interest in other lightbox plugins. This one is the standard that all others should be judged by. Get it!

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Changelog (modifiche)


  • Update: For speed and confidentiality purposes, top using external CDNs. Inline SVGs are used instead.
  • Info: If you like this lightbox, please review it. We absolutely need your help in order to add fresh features. You can do it here: Thanks a lot 🙂


  • Add: By default, also add the Lightbox to the Meow Gallery.
  • Update: Display a message in the admin if the Permalinks are not enabled (they are required by the Lightbox API).


  • Update: Code cleaning.
  • Fix: SSL verify for updates.


  • Add: Swipe.
  • Fix: Issue with preloading.
  • Fix: Issue with vertical photo.


  • Fix: If there are errors in the EXIF, show images anyway.
  • Fix: Incompatibility with older versions of PHP.


  • Add: Map for the Photography Layout, if there are GPS coordinates.
  • Add: GPS coordinates for images.
  • Update: Better performance.
  • Update: Disable PrettyPhoto if it is forced by a theme.


  • Add: Option to choose which caption to display in the lightbox (caption or description).


  • Update: Better handing of the API calls.
  • Pro: Preloading.


  • Add: Lens information.
  • Update: Bigger arrows.
  • Update: Camera info, from now this data will be made “nicer” to look at little by little.


  • Add: Theme (Dark or Light)
  • Add: Layout (Minimal)
  • Update: Improved options.


  • Fix: Was catching too many JS key events.
  • Add: Swiping images
  • Add: ‘Close’ button


  • First release.