Meta slider and carousel with lightbox


A very simple plugin to add Gallery Meta Box in your

  • Post
  • Page

Check PRO DEMO and Features for additional information.

Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.

This plugin contain Two shortcode:

1) Slider View


2) Carousel View


Stunning Features:

  • Gallery Image slider.
  • Gallery Image Carousel.
  • Gallery Lightbox
  • 100% Mobile & Tablet Responsive.
  • Awesome Touch-Swipe Enabled.
  • Work in any WordPress Theme.
  • Created with Slick Slider.
  • Lightweight, Fast & Powerful.
  • Set Number of Columns you want to show.
  • Slider AutoPlay on/off.
  • Navigation show/hide options.
  • Pagination show/hide options.
  • Unlimited slider anywhere.
  • And more features coming soon!

Complete shortcode with all parameters

Gallery Slider Shortcode

[meta_gallery_slider slide_to_show="1" slide_to_scroll="1" autoplay="true" autoplay_speed="3000" speed="300" arrows="true" dots="true" show_title="true" show_caption="true"]

Gallery Carousel Slider Shortcode

[meta_gallery_carousel slide_to_show="2" slide_to_scroll="1" autoplay="true" autoplay_speed="3000" speed="300" arrows="true" dots="true" show_title="true" show_caption="true"]

You can use Following parameters with shortcode

  • Show Title: show_title=”true” (Hide/Show image title. By default value is “true”. Values are “true” OR “false” )
  • Show Caption: show_caption=”true” (Hide/show image caption. By default value is “true”. Values are “true” OR “false”)
  • Display number of images at time: slide_to_show=”2″ (Display no of image in a slider.)
  • Number of images slides at a time: slide_to_scroll=”2″ (Controls number of images slide at a time)
  • Pagination and Arrows: dots=”false” arrows=”false” (Hide/Show pagination and arrows. By default value is “true”. Values are “true” OR “false”)
  • Autoplay and Autoplay Speed: autoplay=”true” autoplay_speed=”1000″
  • Slide Speed: speed=”3000″ (Control the speed of the slider.)

PRO Features :

Premium Version

  • Added 3 shortcodes with various parameters.
    [meta_gallery_slider], [meta_gallery_carousel] and [meta_gallery_variable]
  • Meta Gallery Silder.
  • Meta Gallery Carousel.
  • Meta Gallery with variable width.
  • Lightbox gallery.
  • 15 Designs.
  • Template code :
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[meta_gallery_slider]'); ?>
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[meta_gallery_carousel]'); ?>
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[meta_gallery_variable]'); ?>

View PRO DEMO and Features for additional information.

Privacy & Policy

  • We have also opt-in e-mail selection , once you download the plugin , so that we can inform you and nurture you about products and its features.

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Image Gallery Metabox
  • Gallery Image slider
  • Gallery Image Carousel
  • Gallery Lightbox
  • Gallery meta box in a post and shortcode added
  • Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.


  1. Upload the ‘meta-slider-and-carousel-with-lightbox’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the “meta-slider-and-carousel-with-lightbox” list plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


24 Giugno 2019
Thanks a lot for sharing this demo version. Even the demo version is far better than any other paid plugins I've tried before. I will buy the pro version soon. It is very fast, well coded, easy to install & use. It is also very elegant. Customization possible with shortcode variables. Perfect solution for a Carrousel plugin ! Thanks.
11 Settembre 2018
thanks for the great help - in less than 24 hours, I had the answer to my confusion
3 Giugno 2018
I cannot recommend this plugin enough, the developers have done an excellent job and created the most perfect WordPress image carousel. Don't waste your time with the other two higher rated carousels like I did, just choose this and rest assured there won't be any unpleasant surprises like you get with the others. Its lightweight, friendly to css customisations in your theme and superbly responsive. The shortcodes work anywhere and there are plenty of options. Kudos to the developers, keep up the great work guys! Many thanks Warren 🙂
21 Settembre 2017
Plugin works well as a banner for my site. Doesn't have click-thru functionality, but that's okay. Great support!
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

1.2.4 (13, Sep 2019)

  • [*] Tested with latest version of WordPress.

1.2.3 (13, Feb 2019)

  • [*] Minor change in Opt-in flow.

1.2.2 (31, Dec 2018)

  • [*] Update Opt-in flow.

1.2.1 (07, Dec 2018)

  • [*] Removed some unwanted code. ie image link and description etc. The link and description for image was added in admin side BUT not used for front end side. For more detail please check Upgrade to PRO section.

1.2 (07, Dec 2018)

  • [*] Tested with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg.
  • [*] Tesed with Post and Page meta box

1.1.4 (25, Jul 2018)

  • [*] Fix – Popup image count issue when multiple shortcode are used on same page.

1.1.3 (09, June 2018)

  • Follow some WordPress Detailed Plugin Guidelines.


  • Tested up to WP 4.6.1


  • [+] Added “How it works” tab in the menu
  • Image gallery name chnaged to Meta Gallery


  • Added custom post type for gallery.
  • Added ‘id’ shortcode parameter to display any post gallery.
  • Improved gallery images Drag&Drop interface with better UI.
  • Resolved gallery slider responsive issue.


  • Initial release.