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Meteorite Extensions


The Meteorite Extensions plugin is meant to be used only with Meteorite from Terra Themes. Other themes might not work with the extended features.

Meteorite Extensions registers many widgets and extends support for the page builder by SiteOrigin and Elementor for the Meteorite Theme by Terra Themes. Furthermore it adds more features for the header image and the demo layouts for Meteorite that can be imported with One Click Demo Import plugin.


  1. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for Meteorite Extensions. Install and activate it.
  2. That’s it. No configuration needed.


Which widgets come from this plugin?

The widgets added by Meteorite Extensions are:

  • Buttons
  • Call to action
  • Client carousel
  • Contact info
  • Employee carousel
  • Facts (counter)
  • Image frame
  • Latest news / Latest news carousel
  • List with icons
  • Post tabs (recent/popular comments)
  • Pricing tables
  • Projects / Projects carousel
  • Skill bars / circles
  • Social media icons
  • Testimonials carousel
  • Text with icon
  • Video (Youtube, Vimeo) embedding

What is the extended support for the Page Builder by SiteOrigin?

Meteorite Extensions adds the following row, column and widget options:

  • Paddings
  • Full height rows
  • Border
  • Colors
  • Background image
  • Parallax effect for background image
  • Row seperator
  • Row background image overlay and its color
  • Content alignment

How can I change the default row padding of 100 px with Page Builder by SiteOrigin?

You will find an option to change the default row padding at the bottom of the General section of the Customizer.


23 Ottobre 2019 3 risposte
Check the FAQ for what widgets and tools it installs... I REALLY like Meteorite as a theme. It's versatile and does some clever things. And I have to say that the support is excellent. The author has fixed a number of things about this plugin that has made it much easier to use.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Meteorite Extensions” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

1.10 | 12/26/2020

  • Added a missing column class in Skills Circle Widget which created a horizontal scroll bar when used in full width row
  • Added information text in Facts Widget about disabling the value animation to use delimiter, prefix and suffix characters
  • Updated meteorite-extensions.pot

1.9.1 | 10/25/2020

  • Fixed a bug in the Skills Circle Widget with second and third outer text

1.9 | 02/07/2020

  • Moved demo content files from Meteorite theme to Meteorite Extensions
  • Updated meteorite-extensions.pot

1.8 | 10/22/2019

  • Changed the default row padding filter to a Customizer setting
  • Changed FAQ for default row padding
  • Updated meteorite-extensions.pot

1.7 | 10/21/2019

  • Added FAQ for improved plugin description
  • Added filter for default row padding
  • Removed old Timeline widget from inc/page-builder.php code

1.6 | 08/19/2019

  • Improved escaping in widgets
  • Minor HTML changes
  • Updated meteorite-extensions.pot

1.5 | 09/24/2018

  • Added widget styles to Elementor page builder
  • Added script for improved live editing with Elementor (widget carousels)
  • Added notice if current theme or parent theme isn’t Meteorite
  • Added .smooth-scroll to text with icon widget if link is set
  • Added options for pagination and autoplay to project carousel (Meteorite >= v2.0 needed)
  • Changed plugin description and tags
  • Changed some backend widget stylings
  • Changed handles for style/script enqueue to match Terra Themes Tools plugin handles
  • Changed file name of the widget fields style/script to match Terra Themes Tools plugin names
  • Changed .mt-media-uploader classes to .tt-media-uploader classes
  • Changed image size from tiny to small in post tabs widget
  • Changed image size in project, project carousel, employee and client widget
  • Changed meteorite_get_attachment_image and meteorite_get_attachment_thumb_url a bit
  • Changed description text for center content option in clients and employee widget
  • Fixed text outside field in widget-skill-circle.php not saving for fourth skill
  • Fixed some typos in text with icon widget
  • Improved the upload buttons in image and text with icon widgets
  • Improved widget defaults to work better with Elementor
  • Improved pricing table widget to output less html if not every field is filled in
  • Updated meteorite-extensions.pot

1.4.1 | 11/13/2017

  • Fixes errors with active widgets in foreign themes
  • Ignores sticky posts in latest news and latest news carousel widget

1.4 | 09/17/2017

  • Improved layout colums
  • Removed timeline widget loading
  • Removed wrong image sizes on employee widget
  • Updated meteorite-extensions.pot

1.3.1 | 09/11/2017

  • Fixed a floating bug in Contact Info widget

1.3 | 09/09/2017

  • Fixed a bug with linked images in Image Frame Widget
  • Header image text now allows basic HTML

1.2 | 07/11/2017

  • Added post meta boxes for header area
  • Added project meta boxes for header area
  • Added post_type_exists to widgets with based on CPTs
  • Improved project widget padding
  • Removed customizer feature to change timeline slug
  • Updated meteorite-extensions.pot

1.1 | 03/24/2017

  • Added buttons widget
  • Changed translation domain in widgets
  • Removed timeline widget
  • Removed “see all” buttons from widgets
  • Updated meteorite-extensions.pot


  • Fixed wrong enqueue from scripts
  • Fixed image upload function at widget image frame and text with icon


  • Initial version