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Miappi: Social Media Wall


Miappi helps brands collect, curate and display their most valuable social content to increase engagement and impact across all channels.

Use the Miappi plugin to unite all your social media accounts and user generated content into an awesome social media wall.

Collect the best user generated content (UGC) from brand advocates plus the best of your owned social media. Curate and moderate that content in the Miappi dashboard and then display the best of it on any digital marketing channel (websites, digital signage, touch-screen kiosks) to better engage your audience and drive sales.

Miappi collects content from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more networks.

IMPORTANT Before downloading this plugin contact Miappi and request a demo of the product.


  • Instructions for adding Miappi widget to sidebar of your website
  • Example of Miappi as sidebar widget
  • Embedding widget within main content area
  • Example of Miappi widget in main content area of a wesbite


Contact Miappi to request a demo

Install & Activate

  1. Download compressed version of the plugin, then upload it to WordPress Plugins or install it by searching Miappi Plugin
  2. Find the plugin under the Plugins menu in WordPress and then Activate it

Miappi Widget

  1. Click Appearance > Widgets and then drag the Miappi widget into one of the Widget Areas, then change the details as per your requirements. All fields except the user field are optional.

Embed into a Post/Page

  1. Create or edit the Post/Page
  2. Then enter the following shortcode into the Post:

    [miappi user=”yourusername” width=”300px” height=”400px” fontsize=”14″ bgcolor=”#000000″]

Custom Code/Template Function

Example usage

Available Plugin Arguments

  • ‘user’ your username, you can find this in the address bar of your Miappi page, it’s the final part of the URL e.g. has a username of yourusername
  • ‘width’ width of Miappi widget e.g. 300px
  • ‘height’ height of the Miappi widget e.g. 400px
  • ‘fontsize’ size of the rendered words, e.g. 14
  • ‘bgcolor’ HTML colour code e.g. #000000


What is Miappi?

The Miappi WordPress plugin unites all of your social media and #tags into one user interface to give your audience a single, beautiful view of what you’re saying on social media.

What can I use Miappi for?

Show feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and SoundCloud. You can also include RSS feeds and #tags content from Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube. Your Miappi profile can then be embedded in your WordPress website to give your visitors an immediate and clear view of everything you are saying on social media.

How do I start using Miappi?

Contact Miappi to request a demo

Help, I’m having a problem!

Please send all questions to


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Initial version with a Miappi shortcode, widget and template function.


  • Show help message after activating plugin


  • Support https


  • Remove title filter as not needed


  • Fix structure, uneeded trunk in v0.3.1


  • Update Embed URL


  • Update readme.txt


  • Update readme.txt


  • Update readme.txt