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Mini Membership


WordPress by default restricts user role subscriber from reading private content.Give subscribers private content read access and turn your WordPress site into a mini membership site.Let visitors signup as Subscriber to read Private Content or call it Members Only Content.This plugin also blocks dashboard access for subscribers(even if they try /wp-admin/), hides admin bar from front end, and adds an optional widget to let people register, log in and log out of your site.No fancy features, smart and simple plugin to attract more subscribers.You can also use the included shortcode to place a call to action within post and page content.Before Using Please Read The Installation Instructions First.

Note: If you want to send newsletters to your subscribers containing private content links, you may like another Free plugin I developed.It redirects non-logged users to the login page when they follow a link to private content.WordPress by default redirects all non-logged users to a 404(content not found) page when they follow a link to private content, and that confuses members.Check out Private Content Login Redirect.

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  • Mini Membership Sidebar Widget backend Settings
  • Mini Membership Sidebar Widget in action - for members and non-members


  1. Download Mini Membership package file, extract mini-membership directory from ZIP file, upload it to WordPress Plugins directory ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ or install plugin from Plugin panel in WordPress Dashboard.

  2. Activate Mini Membership via Plugin page.

  3. Under WordPress—>Settings—->General, set ‘Membership’ to ‘Anyone can register’ and ‘New User Default Role’ to ‘Subscriber’.Save the settings.

  4. To check if the plugin works, log in as a subscriber and try accessing posts and pages set as private.

  5. Mini Membership also includes an optional sidebar widget to let people register as member, log in and log out of your site.To get the widget, activate Mini Membership Widget via plugin page.

  6. Post your best content as private and ask your readers to subscribe if they want to read your best content.

  7. To place a call to action within post content, use the shortcode [minimembership]Your awesome call to action.[/minimembership].The shortcode automatically adds a link to member registration page.You can style the whole call to action using ‘.mmsc’ and ‘.mmcta’ css class selectors.

Note: You should consider using a Captcha plugin to add captcha to your registration and lost password pages.It prevents auto spam account generation.

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Q. Can we still post private content that’s only readable by user role contributor and above?

By activating Mini Membership you are giving private content read access to subscribers.Subscribers can read all private content just like other user roles.Using private content just to interact with authors and editors? I think email and private forums are better options for that.Mini Membership is for those sites where the admin wants to post both public and private content, but also wants to let people register easily and read awesome private members only content.You get more subscribers, which means more connections. 🙂


1 Gennaio 2019
On top of that, the developer seems "out to lunch" in that he has not responded to user's request for help for years! Very strange behavior when testing it out. Could be a lot better if developer just listened to the users and fixes the items we point out.
21 Ottobre 2017
I was writing my own plugin and couldn't figure out why admin-ajax kept redirecting me to my home page, then realized it was this plugin that was the culprit. To the author: PLEASE update your code so it doesn't interfere with ajax calls. I fixed the issue by adjusting the following code thusly function mm_block_dashboard_access() { if (!defined( 'DOING_AJAX') && is_admin() && ! current_user_can( 'edit_posts' ) ) { wp_redirect( home_url() ); exit; } }
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  • Updated the widget file


  • New shortcode included to place call to action within post/page content or text widget.
  • To place a call to action, use the shortcode [minimembership]Your awesome call to action[/minimembership].The shortcode automatically adds a link to the member registration page.You can style the whole call to action using ‘.mmsc’ and ‘.mmcta’ css class selectors.


  • If plugin not working after update, Please delete the plugin and install new version again.


  • Works with WordPress 4.1.1
  • Updated code