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28 Luglio 2020
This plugin does the job! I had a problem when I wanted to integrate the plugin twice on the same site, I reached out to support, and they pointed out the problem to me. I fixed, and it works great! The support was very quick, and very helpful. Definitely recommend this plugin.
13 Giugno 2020
If you are building a real estate website or something related, this is THE mortgage calculator to get. This is only good, modern, looking calculator out there. The setup is extremely easy and if you have any problems, the support is excellent. They will help you diagnose and fix the problem. I had a problem with some of my images going gigantic when this plugin was activated, and so I emailed the support about the issue. They replied within minutes and after diagnosing the issue, they sent two lines of code for me which completely solved my problems. Again, if you are looking for a mortgage calculator, this is it.
19 Giugno 2021
This calculator is slick and I think you did a great job. The styling out of the box is great as well. The premium pricing is way too expensive. Please consider a PDF generated version rather than text email.
3 Giugno 2019
Purchased for a client. Couldn't find a Mortgage Calculator plug in that was actually responsive and still looked good. Great support from Developers. Plug-in is also editable with CSS so you can fine tune some aspects if you choose. Would recommend for mortgage industries professionals looking for a simple, supported and responsive calculator option for their site.
14 Marzo 2019
Thank you for making this plugin available. It's simple, intuitive with a modern responsive UI. Support has been speedy too and flexible with requests... Thanks again.
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