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MotoPress Restaurant Menu plugin is an easy-to-manage modern solution for building online menus of restaurants, cafes and other typical food establishments on any WordPress website. One great advantage of the plugin is a powerful eCommerce tool to help you sell food and drinks online without any technical help. Menus can be displayed in pages, posts, and sidebars using shortcodes which are a perfect tool for creating complex content with minimum efforts. Non-tech WordPress users will value the intuitive system of both shortcode settings and the entire menu instruments. Applying a simple set of operations you will be able to customize menu design, add and categorize unlimited menu items, create and feature/hide all needed tags and ingredients, choose whether to display particular items, switch on/off all needed settings for individual items and categories any time and much more.

Premium addons to extend possibilities and increase sales through your online menu

  • Delivery – this addons turns on delivery and pickup services for the orders made online by your customers.
  • Toppings – this extension will help you set a list of the needed toppings available for purchase along with the menu item.
  • Menu cart – helps you add a shopping cart icon to a needed menu bar.

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Major Features

  • Clean responsive design for proper mobile viewing
  • Handy shortcode settings
  • Several predefined layouts available: grid and list (from single up to 6 column layouts for both)
  • 2 shortcode types based on ‘category’ or ‘menu item’ viewing
  • Ability to create categories (i.e. categorically-organized lists of meals, food and drinks, etc.) and child categories with descriptions
  • Variety of icons for labeling your categories plus an option for uploading your custom icons
  • Option to supply separate menu item with title and description, price, Nutrition information and Attributes (size, bulk, weight), tags and Ingredients list
  • Ability to set a featured image and add an image gallery of the particular menu item
  • Opportunity to display individual menu item under different categories
  • Order setting for menu items
  • Several alternatives for sorting menu items and categories
  • Setting subtitle for individual menu item
  • Options for setting currency

eCommerce possibilities

  • PayPal and Cash on Delivery payment methods
  • Test payments to check how the system works for your particular website
  • Payments made by registered and unregistered website users
  • Shopping cart software and quick checkout process
  • Order statuses for shoppers to enhance their experience of tracking the purchase (cooking, shipping, shipped)
  • Customizable email templates (confirmation, payments, notifications) to send both website administrator and shoppers

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • The list of menu items. Backend.
  • Grid and List view of Menu Categories
  • Grid view of Menu Items
  • List view of Menu Items
  • Simple List view of Menu Items
  • Menu Item's page


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. You’ll find ‘Restaurant Menu’ on your main WordPress dashboard.


29 Settembre 2018
Hi, I'm trying to create a restaurant site using Restaurant Menu plugin can you please share some showcase examples of your plugin that other users have used on their sites. Thanks
3 Agosto 2018
1. Big troubles with multi level menu like Bar -> Drink -> Tequila (does not support actually at all); 2. There is no template for whole menu - just list of all items without categories or shortcode which working only on standard themes; 3. Bad documentation. I understand that you want more clients and nobody spend a time for free but please do that in right way – don't try to sell your services via bad 'free' plugin.
6 Settembre 2017
I've been looking at a bunch of different restaurant menu plugins. I needed something with an easy-to-use backend along with menu formatting that would fit my theme. Out of all of them, Restaurant Menu fit my needs the best. I had some formatting and customization needs and John on the support forum was amazing at helping me get the results I needed. He really went above and beyond.
12 Febbraio 2017
I have a small cafe with homemade chocolates and cakes. WordPress, plugins and themes are free, I pay for hosting only. My business and hobby is online now.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

2.3.3, Jan 22 2019

  • Added the ability to set minimum order amount.
  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with PayPal payments not being set as completed.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


  • Version bump.


  • Bug fix: fixed extensions links.


  • Added the ability to add custom titles and descriptions for each payment gateway (PayPal and COD) visible on the checkout page.
  • Renamed “Complete” status to “Payment complete” and “Cooking” to “Processing” to give them more clear and general meaning.


  • Bug fix: localization.


  • Bug fix: Fixed plugin name.


  • Localization – Russian translation.


  • Bug fix: fixed PHP warning of empty string.


  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with undefined method ‘is_ajax_enabled’.


  • Adjusted the plugin to send automatic emails with Order details to customers when Cash on delivery option is chosen.
  • Order notes, Phone and Shipping address tags are added to email template.
  • WP Session Manager code updated.


  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with default settings.


  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with price formating.


  • Added the ability to display categories and tags in grid, list or simple list view instead of default post view.


  • Improved compatibility with external payment gateways.


  • Output menu sub-categories as links in a list view mode.


  • Bug fix: fixed an issue when plugin overrides default archive template.


  • Bug fix: fixed login form error on the checkout page.


  • Improvement: filters for image sizes added.


  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with User roles.


  • Performance improvements.
  • Improved the Cart widget.
  • Improved user interface of adding menu items to cart.
  • Added the ability to override templates in a theme.
  • Added the ability to set the number of decimal points shown in a displayed price.
  • User roles list is updated and minified.
  • Bug fix: fixed the issue of undelivered emails with “Cash on delivery” method selected.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with empty price.


  • Bug fix: fixed style issue.


  • We improved compatibility with your theme styles in this update. If you still stick to a previous version, simply change the template mode option in the plugin settings.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with empty tags or categries.


  • Added the ability to display menu items in the simplified list view.
  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with menu item view in search results.


  • Minor bugfixes.


  • Minor bugfixes.


  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with TGM Plugin Activation.


  • Added the ability to sell online.


  • Actions names updated.


  • Added the ability to select categories in Menu.


  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.