video embedding


This plugin simplifies the embedding of videos hosted on platform.

It does three things:
– whitelists as an oEmbed provider (which lets you embed videos simply by pasting links),
– adds shortcodes as an alternative method of embedding that gives you a bit more control,
– adds an Elementor widget for embedding videos.

The shortcodes are essentially a wrapper around embed library.

To embed videos using oEmbed, simply paste a video link into a separate line in your post or page. For example:

If you would like more control, you can use shortcodes. For example:

[muse-ai id="VBdrD8v" width="100%" title="0"]


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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fix an Elementor widget issue that was preventing blocks from being removed.


  • Basic Elementor widget.


  • Support for more shortcode attributes.


  • Support for resume, align, and cover_play_position shortcode attributes.


  • Support for start and loop shortcode attributes.


  • Support for WordPress 6.1.


  • Support for more shortcode attributes.


  • oEmbed support for more video link types.