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7 Giugno 2021 1 risposta
Works extremely well and really simplifies the workflow for sending newsletters. Can't recommend this plugin highly enough.
24 Gennaio 2021 1 risposta
This is fantastic. I've been looking for a plugin like this forever. It took me less than 2 minutes to install, connect to mailchimp, and send a test email. It could not be easier. The best feature is the ability to go back to old posts and send them as emails to my list. I just did that five minutes after installing. One small thing that's missing is an easy to go back to the initial "connect" screen and watch the video. I powered through the screen and missed it, but I'd like to go back there again.
15 Gennaio 2021 1 risposta
Sending out newsletters can feel so cumbersome at times. Newsletter Glue has made it so much easier to share our content with our subscribers.
20 Ottobre 2020
This plugin is hands-down the best plugin I've ever installed and used. I think I was one of the first users. When I encountered a couple of (small) bugs, and had a few feature requests, I reached out to the developers on Twitter. Within less than a day, they responded. And I'm pretty sure we're in significantly different time zones. Usually within another day or two, my wish was fulfilled: bugs fixed, features added. The only word of warning I have is this: make sure you uncheck the "send newsletter" button before clicking an update if you're doing some changes/updates/experimenting with the post. Otherwise, you will (as I did one day) send your newsletter to your entire list three or four times. But, seriously, get this plugin.
18 Ottobre 2020 1 risposta
Disclaimer: I've been a beta tester for this newsletter for quite some time. I wouldn't recommend NG if it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I like to have my archive of newsletters on my blog, so it can be discovered through search engines and others can read it as well. This plugin does just that. It makes it easy to write in the WP editor, connect to a ESP and send and publish at the same time. All the smartypants stuff is in the background so I can focus on what is important, delivering value for my readers. This plugin could use some more ESP's to connect to and eventually have your subscriberlist in WordPress. Lesley and Ahmed work hard to get it all done and I think that is fantastic. I can't wait for the premium plugin!
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