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Sometimes you see the word HOME on the home page although that’s self-explanatory and unnecessary. This happens if you choose to use a static page as your home page, and if the theme author did not think to hide the title.

Please Note: This will work with a majority of themes if they are coded correctly, but it is not guaranteed. Read the installation instructions if this does not work with your theme.


  1. Install the No Home Title plugin and activate.

  2. If the plugin doesn’t automatically work when activated:

– View Source on your home page, search for the word HOME and find out the style class. That would be something like <h1 class=”xxxx”>
– Edit the enclosed file named this.css and add to the bottom:
ht.xxxx {display:none !important;}
where xxxx is the class name

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Why do I see the word HOME on my homepage?

This happens when you choose a static page as your home page and the theme developer did not think to hide the Page Title on your front page.

Why would I want to remove the word HOME on my homepage?

It looks unprofessional. It should be obvious on a well-designed website that your home page is your home page without specifically stating it.

What do I do if this does not work with my theme?

Read the installation instructions. You can fix it in the CSS file, included.


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