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22 Marzo 2017
Great idea and it should be the ultimate solution. However, I have been locked out of my site with the error 'Too many log files to process, please delete or remove older authentication/ verification logs by visiting Log Options' The 'Log Options' link goes to /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=xb_nmc_config&tab=logging_page. However, the same error results when you click this. Therefore, I am locked out of the admin of the site. Also, the problem isn't resolved by renaming the plugin to disable it. If / When I find a solution, I will post what I did on my site. For now, I am removing this plugin from all sites where I have installed it.
8 Febbraio 2017
Works like a charm. I am trying to stay as open as possible to new users, and I was getting a lot of spam registrations. This stopped it!
3 Settembre 2016
just tried this out and it seemed to work until now it just gets some error and i cannot even log into the admin site. a few suggestions: 1. don't make this thing work on the admin log in by default, please to avoid situations like mine where you literally are wasting my time as I will now have to ssh into the site and figure out where i need to go in and rip out this plug in 2. the default graphic is way too big, they charge double if you want to get rid of it - this should be obvious from the pricing page, i don't think most people want such a huge ugly graphic. 3. make sure it actually works before letting the public use it - i literally have an almost plain vanilla fresh install of WP and this is not working properly, why would I pay for that.
3 Settembre 2016
This was incredibly easy to install and it has solved my spam problems for Contact Form 7 completely. I did have an issue with how the messages were threaded in my inbox, but I brought that concern to the developer and within 24 hours they fixed it. Thanks so much for the great plus-in!
7 Febbraio 2017
I downloaded the plugin and it works really good. Keeps out spam robots at the initial point of entry on my site. It's also very passive in that it doesn't waste a users time trying to figure out a blurry captcha.
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