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Omnishop – Mobile shop apps complementing your WooCommerce webshop

Omnishop – Mobile shop apps complementing your WooCommerce webshop


What is OmniShop?

OmniShop is a mobile app made by experienced developers. OmniShop plugin turns your WooCommerce store into native mobile app for both platforms, iOS and Android.

The launch time is significantly reduced – you can get a fully-functional mobile app within days and costs are predictable.

With all the work done by OmniShop, you can focus on branding, marketing, and scaling your business. Plus, the team is constantly improving the solution so the clients can have a mobile app that is always up-to-date.

Please note that OmniShop is a high-quality mobile app, and this plugin is for OmniShop customers. If you’d like to become our customer, visit OmniShop website for more information.

How does the OmniShop plugin work?

Install the OmniShop plugin. OmniShop plugin allows you to connect your
OmniShop mobile apps to your WooCommerce webshop. Upon installation, you
will be able to synchronize all your webshop data and fulfil the orders
from your webshop.

What you’ll get with the OmniShop mobile app?

With the OmniShop plugin, you can transform your WooCommerce store into
a fully-featured mobile application that wins over customers.

Real-time sync: All products are automatically synced with your
WooCommerce store.

Customizable design: Themes and customization options to match your
brand’s visual identity. Manage your app’s sections through your
WordPress Admin panel.

Clear product display: Offers detailed product listings and
high-quality images with zoom functionality, making it easy for users to
view and understand products.

Easy search & decision making: Features easy search, sorting, and
filtering options, along with product ratings and reviews, helping users
in finding what they need and making informed purchase decisions.

User-friendly shopping experience: Streamlines shopping with easy
re-purchases and a clear order history, which impacts user convenience.

Insightful analytics: Integrated analytics for valuable user
insights that can help you make changes when needed and stay in touch
with customer behavior.

Payment integration: Supports multiple payment options for secure

Engage customers: Send text push notifications for engaging
communication between customers and your brand.

Multilingual accessibility: Supports multiple languages, ensuring a
wider reach and accessibility for diverse users.

Reduced cart abandonment: Send notifications for abandoned carts,
encouraging users to complete their purchases.

Dynamic user interface: Animated splash screen adds a visually
appealing start to the app experience.

See more features at OmniShop website.

OmniShop clients experience

We wanted a prestigious marketplace for our shirts, independent from
any other social or web-selling platform. That is precisely what we got
with the OmniShop
” Roberto Baressi

I was looking for a company that understands and translates my ideas
into reality and turns them into an app that presents the services and
products we offer in an easy and attractive way. I think I was lucky to
deal with OmniShop team
“ Menbaitna

See more clients on OmniShop website.


Choose one out of 3 tiers based on features your mobile app would
need/have. Check OmniShop pricing for detailed information.


  1. Install the plugin, or upload it to the plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin using the ‘Plugins’ menu.


How will OmniShop support me after the app is published?

First of all, we will constantly share with you the knowledge and
experience of best practices for running and monetizing a mobile shop

From a technical aspect, your app will always be adjusted to new
software version releases (Android and IOS).

To specify, the OmniShop team will:

  • Track versions of your backend so that the app is always up-to-date

  • Develop new features

  • Fix any issues and bugs

How do I get my branding and design in the app?

What shops do you support?

Currently we support only WooCommerce but are adding new backends per
request. We can also connect to custom shops if they have a public API.
If unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us below! ��

Which mobile platforms do you support?

We support both iOS and Android platforms natively. No PWA, no hybrid
solutions, just pure performance and quality!

What are the benefits of having a mobile app?

Mobile apps give customers a way better user experience than websites.
Also, the functionalities of mobile apps are more advanced.

Another benefit of having a mobile app is that it helps retain
customers. Once a customer downloads the app, they start visiting it
more frequently than they would visit your website, creating a closer
bond with your shop.

The app gives your clients a faster checkout experience. If you have a
cart abandonment problem, the app will reduce this. If the customer
leaves the product in the cart, the app will send them a notification
reminder. Unlike email notifications that are highly ignored, push
notifications through the app trigger customers and make them finish
their shopping. Also, a significant benefit for you is that the app
makes retargeting customers easier.

By having an app, you increase your brand’s visibility and are present
on yet another platform.

Those are the reasons why the majority of big brands already have their

How will I increase sales with a mobile app?

With a mobile app, you will speed up the processes before checkout. So,
the possibility of the client abandoning the purchase is reduced. With
the re-ordering option in the app, you increase the possibility of
purchasing even more. Re-ordering also minimizes friction and losing
customers due to boring and long filling-in forms for shipping, billing,

Users can also be targeted and informed about discounts through the
app’s push notifications, which will redirect them to the product of
their interest that is currently on discount.

Does OmniShop offer a marketing strategy that will help me attract
customers to my new app?

We are there to support your process, but you take the initiative to
promote your app – it is for your customers. You can download our ebook
“App Downloads Growth”from the Blog & Resources page. There, you will
find helpful tips to increase your profit by boosting app downloads.

Can I have the app if I don’t have a webshop or website at all?

The OmniShop product doesn’t offer this option directly, as the app’s
core is to be connected to your website, so it can directly pool the
information and updates about the products from the site. So, you need a
webshop for the mobile app to work.

However, we can offer the complete service of creating a perfectly
synced webshop and mobile app. Book a consultation with us if you want
to hear more about the package.

What happens if I want to stop having the app?

OmniShop is subscription based, so you can unsubscribe if you don’t want
to have the app anymore.


5 Dicembre 2023
The plugin works perfectly and the app is very good. I like that there was no need for me to do anything, the app is ready pretty fast…
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