Order On Mobile for WooCommerce


The plugin adds a “Order on WhatsApp” button on the Woocommerce product page, product details page and cart page so your customers can submit their orders via WhatsApp. You can also set custom message which you will receive with the product name, price, quantity and product link.

  • Custom Message – Customize the message that will be send.

  • Product Name and Price – Receive the product name and price that the customer wants to buy.

  • Product Link – Receive the product link that the customer wants to buy.

  • Product Quantity – Receive the product quantity that the customer wants to buy.

  • Button in Cart Page – Add the button in yout Cart Page.

  • Button in Shop and Single Page – Add the button in yout Shop and Single Product Page.

  • Hide Add to Cart – Hide Add to Cart button in Product Page.

  • Hide Proceed to Checkout – Hide Proceed to Checkout button in Cart Page.


  • Product Variation – Receive the product variation that the customer wants to buy.

  • Custom Button Text – Customize the button text that will be displayed.

  • Shortcode – Use shortcode to display the button in your custom product page.

  • Select information you want to receive – You can select necessary piece of data out of all the standard product and order information available in WooCommerce. For example:

  1. Product Title
  2. Product ID
  3. Product SKU
  4. Product Quantity
  5. Product Variations
  6. Product Price
  7. Product URL
  8. Order ID (Checkout Page)
  9. Order Total (Checkout Page)
  10. Billing Details (Checkout Page)
  11. Shipping Details (Checkout Page)
  12. Customer Note (Checkout Page)
  13. Estimated Shipping Cost (Cart Page) (NEW upgrade)
  • API based Auto Responder – Send auto responder greetings to your customer when they submit order details.

  • Automated Order Processing – Create order in the backend automatically.

  • API based Order Tracking – Track your order simply sending a message on WhatsApp. Our plugin fully integrates with Twilio WhatsApp API to assist you sending back order status to customers who requests them or send back simply predefined automated response.

  • Manual Order Status Response – Admin can send Order Status response directly form their Admin > Order Details page clicking the Share Order Status button. This does not require Twilio API.

  • Custom Message Template – Set for Auto/ Manual order status message template.

  • Select categories – for which the button will be displayed.

  • Select products – for which the button display will be prevented.

  • Show only on mobile – prevent display button on devices other than mobile.

  • Show 3-character currency code or currency symbol (default woocommerce).

  • Order on WhatsApp button click analytics (beta).

  • Translation – Now any one can use plugin like ‘loco translate’ to add translations to the front end and back end elements of the plugin. This version is released with English and Spanish (Google) translation.

[+] Frontend Demo Click Here
[+] Backend Demo Click Here

Download Pro Version Click Here




  • Screenshots are of FREE version
  • Woo Commerce Order on WhatsApp admin panel (screenshot-1.jpg)

  • Button in Woocommerce Products Page (screenshot-2.jpg)

  • Button in Woocommerce Product Single Page (screenshot-3.jpg)


  1. Upload the plugin files to the WordPress

  2. Activate the plugin in WordPress

  3. Go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Wocoommerce Order On WhatsApp” tab in admin panel

  4. Enter your WhatsApp phone number and other informations


Does this work with Woo Commerce?

Yes, it is an independent extension of Woo Commerce.

Can I customize the button text?

Yes, you can do this from admin panel in PRO version.

Can I customize the manual order status message?

Yes, you can do this from admin panel in PRO version.

Can I prevent display of the button for selective products?

Yes, you can do this from admin panel in PRO version.

Can I display the button for selective categories only?

Yes, you can do this from admin panel in PRO version.


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  • Fixed issue: On cart page the button did not work after cart is updated with quantity or items added or removed.


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  • Pro Demo Link updated.
  • GDPR compliant plugin feedback module added.


  • Fixed internal notices captured related to woocommerce latest version release.


  • Initial version release