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Packlink PRO is the professional shipping platform that allows you to automate your shipment process. It is free to use and does not require a minimum volume of shipments. You only need to register and you’ll get instant access to a variety of shipping services and rates that can help to make your business more profitable.

Connect your WooCommerce account with Packlink PRO.

  • You have complete control over your sales and you can manage all your shipments from a single platform.

  • You can start shipping straight away: there’s no contract to sign and no minimum shipping volume.

  • Choose the transport services that your customers want: express, international, etc…

  • Save time in your daily shipping routine – import the parcel dimensions and destination, print the labels in bulk and check at a glance the status of all your shipments.

  • Individual telephone support: a team of shipping specialists will assist you with the integration process and provide ongoing account management.

No download costs, installation or monthly fees – you pay purely for the shipments you book!

Registrati gratuitamente su Packlink PRO e inizia a inviare!


This is how the WooCommerce integration with Packlink PRO works.

1. Install and configure the plugin

  • You can install the Packlink PRO plugin in one of two ways: either a. directly from your back office, or b. from the WooCommerce plugs page.

    • Option a. From your WordPress back office go to “Plugins” > “Add new” > then, search for “Packlink” > “Install now”.
    • Option b. Go to and click on the “Download” button. Then, from your WordPress back office “Plugins” section click on “Add new” > “Upload plugin” and upload the downloaded zip file.
  • Once you have installed the plugin, login to the Packlink PRO website and click on the “Configuration” icon in the top right-hand corner. Then, from the left-hand menu, select “Integrations for your online store” and click on the WooCommerce logo, where you can generate the API key required to synchronize both platforms. Copy this API key. You will need to enter this key in Packlink PRO module in WooCommerce.

  • In Packlink PRO, you can define the dimensions of your most common parcel and pickup address. This information is automatically synchronized with your WooCommerce and becomes your predefined parcel and address.

2. Sync with your Packlink PRO account

  • Go back to your WooCommerce back office and select the WooCommerce > Packlink PRO from the left-hand menu. When the module login page opens, paste the API key you copied from your Packlink PRO account and click on the Log in button. The module will automatically synchronize your default parcel dimensions and pickup address from Packlink PRO. Also, after a few moments, it will synchronize all available shipping services.

  • Select the shipping services you want to use. When you click on a “configure” button next to each shipping service, you can configure how you name each service and whether you show the carrier logo to your customers.

  • Besides name and logo, for each shipping service you can define your pricing policy by choosing from the following options: direct Packlink prices, percentage of Packlink price, fixed price by weight, or fixed price by shopping cart.

3. Usa il plugin

  • If an order has been paid or payment was accepted by you, the shipment will be automatically imported into your Packlink PRO account. Also, you have an option to manually send an order to the Packlink PRO by opening order details page and clicking on the “Create draft” button in the “Packlink PRO Shipping” section on the right side.

  • Packlink PRO is always updated with all shipments that are ready for shipment in WooCommerce.

  • You only need to access Packlink PRO for the payment. Sender and recipient details will already have been synchronized with WooCommerce data.

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2 Agosto 2020
It does what it is supposed to, and that shipping becomes so much easier then with most plugins ive tried so far. The support when there was a problem has been pretty good too. There is still room to grow (adding shipping manualy is a bit of a pain), but all the automation works flawlessly. Hence 4,8 stars. Keep up the good work
31 Luglio 2020
Good plugin. It solves all the major problmes related to Logistic automatically. If have any issue, tech service is wonderful. Thanks Julia (Noelia) for your superb attention. Top recommendation.
29 Luglio 2020
Oltre ad essere un'ottimo plugin ho riscontrato un'ottima assistenza tecnica da parte del Sig. Ciro Improta, account manager di PackLink CONSIGLIATO
28 Luglio 2020
He instalado el plugin muy facilmente, conexión perfecta con Packlink Pro dandome de alta ayer, y hoy recibo una llamada de Packlink(Alicia) aclarándome todas las dudas que tenía respecto al servicio. Lo que mejor pinta tiene de este plugin no es el plugin en sí, si no el servicio que ofrecen de envío y la gran atención al cliente que he recibido por parte de Alícia. Utilizaremos vuestro servcio, Gracias.
27 Luglio 2020
Super application, le support est très rapide, très réactif, j'ai été rapidement mis en contact avec Antoine qui m'a contacter rapidement après l'inscription sur le site. Et a su montrer et expliquer clairement comment se servir du module. Packlink, rapide, efficace ne chercher pas ailleur, je recommande vivement.
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