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paynow gives you a free registration and only 0.95% commission.

Simple configuration for BLIK, quick transfers and cards payments. Pay-out immediately on the bank account. To use paynow, you need to have a business account in mBank.

If you do not have an account in the Paynow system yet, register in the Production or Sandbox environment.



  1. Go to the WooCommerce administration page
  2. Go to Settings > Payments
  3. Search and select and click Manage
  4. Production credential keys can be found in the tab My business > Paynow > Settings > Shops and poses > Authentication data in the mBank’s online banking.
    **Sandbox credential keys can be found in Settings > Shops and poses > Authentication data in the sandbox panel.
  5. Depending on the environment you want to connect to go to the Production configuration section or the Sandbox configuration section and type Api Key and Signature Key in the proper fields.


How to configure the return address?

The return address will be set automatically for each order. There is no need to manually configure this address.

How to configure the notification address?

In the Paynow merchant panel go to the tab Settings > Shops and poses, in the field Notification address set the address:


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