Payment Gateway for VISA


نساعدك في تطوير اعمالك الخاصه بتقديم الاضافة الجديد
الخاصة بالدفع عن طريق بوابة ألفيزا بعد تحديثها
وسع دائرة عملائك باتاحة امكانية الدفع عن طريق ألفيزا

We help you to develop your business by introducing the new add-on
For payment through the VISA portal, after it has been updated
Expand your customers’ circle by making the payment available via VISA



go to woocommerce setting in side menu and select tab payment and active VISA from list

You can add custom style for redirect page in redirect-page.html
1-Don’t change any javascript code
2-Don’t make javascript code mistake it will stoped redirection
3- Don’t forget backup from page


  1. add commission
  2. re order input fileds
  3. Change input password type from text to password
  4. Display commission to payment method description


  1. fixed call some classes error


  1. fixed invoice descreption long length
  2. remove not kwd curnancy note
  3. add complete order status


  1. connect with last API version 61
  2. add select field for Interaction type in VISA setting fields





download and unzip to plugins folder

From merchant’s WordPress admin

  1. Go to plugin section-> Add new
  2. Search for “Payment Gateway for VISA”
  3. Click on Install Now
  4. Click on Activate


25 Dicembre 2021
Complete nonsense, not a plugin. It is not clear what to do, there are no instructions. Where to register? How to get a seller? Why is this plugin needed without instructions at all?
13 Giugno 2021
I tried many times but it is not working Please contact me on
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