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Perk.Exchange Payment Gateway


Adds a payment gateway to WordPress sites running WooCommerce so that KIN cryptocurrency can be used to purchase items. Payment gateway is powered by Perk.Exchange.

Order Flow

  • Customers add items to their shopping cart as normal
  • At checkout the customer can pay with the Perk.Exchange payment gateway
  • Customers are redirected to Perk.Exchange to pay for an order using KIN
  • Once the order is paid the user is redirected back to the store
  • The store backend is notified the order was paid via IPN. The order is marked ‘Completed’ automatically
  • Links to the invoice and to the Solana blockchain transaction is stored with the order record



  1. Store owner must be registered on Perk.Exchange having their own campaign. The user requires campaign manager access. Reach out on if you need access or have questions.
  2. A campaign secret is generated for the campaign.
  3. Your site is setup to use the KIN currency. This currency is available after the plugin is installed.


  1. Go to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Payments
  2. Click “Perk.Exchange”
  3. Update the Title, Description, and Instructions to your needs
  4. Provide your Solana wallet address that contains a KIN token.
  5. Enter your campaign Secret from Perk.Exchange.
  6. Click Save Changes


Some stores may not receive the IPN update from Perk.Exchange that an order was paid. This is likely to be due to:

  1. Inbound API calls are not allowed
  1. Store is not Internet accessible or not accessible to
  • Make the store reachable to The Internet or manually mark orders as completed.


What is KIN?

KIN is the world’s most used cryptocurrency. The KIN ecosystem is made of a growing list of consumer-focused applications.

What is Perk.Exchange?

Perk.Exchange is a platform to reward users for their engagement in: surveys, programming tasks, and many other activities. Any user can create a campaign to offer cryptocurrency for their participation.


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