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Philantro is a donation and donor management platform for nonprofits. Securely accept donations, track valuable metrics, donors and campaign performance. Our official plugin integrates the Philantro platform into your website and requires organizations to be registered with Philantro. You’re free to demo a test account first.

Welcome to the better way of accepting donations. With Philantro, our ever-evolving donation platform places the power of donor lead generation, donation processing and settlement, campaign mangement and more at your fingertips.

Philantro’s Features

Philantro helps nonprofits focus more on the mission and less on logistics. Beautiful, Donor-centric donation forms that promote trust, security and conversions, full-featured reporting and donor management with the tools to help the back-office run smooth.

Donor-Centric Donation Forms

  • Intelligent and Responsive Donations forms that works with any theme.
  • Support International Donors with local and international donor address verification.
  • Donation forms that respond to mobile devices – even if your website doesn’t.
  • Add donation amount suggestions, fundraising campaigns and goals and more to keep your donors informed and your board happy.

Full-Automated Donor Management

  • Automated Self-Healing Donor records where you can find everything from donation history, pledges, recurring plans and other statistics.
  • Follow the activity and set email notifications for unique donors lifecycle events.
  • Track emails, transactions and leave notes to keep your team well-informed.

Solid Recurring Donations

  • Donors can choose to have a recurring donation reminder delivered to their inbox one week before their next charge.
  • Donor Self-Service allows donors to view their donation history and manage their recurring donation on their own – on your website.
  • Philantro automates notifications by notifying donors who donation payment methods are approaching expiration and more.
  • You focus on the mission, Philantro covers logistics.

Full-Featured Reporting

  • Pull reports on metrics from donation conversions, campaign performance and donor demographics.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of any donor that turns a cold-call into a warm-welcome.
  • Gain greater insight with granular controls that can show you donations by gender, hour, campaign and more.

Featured By MailChimp

Philantro was featured by MailChimp for our deep integration that empowers nonprofits to get the most from their donor mailing list. Read Article

Philantro is perfect for small-to-mid sized nonprofits

  • Accept one time/recurring donations securely.
  • Full fledged event ticketing.
  • Manage and track multiple donation campaigns.
  • Incredible reporting and analytics from donor conversion rates, gender breakdowns, social network contribution and more.
  • Donor records are automatically generated and updated with each transaction so you can see the names used, addresses used, track the largest, first and last gift.
  • Focus more on this mission and less on logistics with Philantro.

Secure Processing Powered By Stripe

We’ve partnered with Stripe, the payment processor behind Twitter, FourSquare and Pinterest to offer nonprofits secure PCI compliant processing, two-day desposits + fraud protection.

For more information

Try Philantro,


  • Philantro's settings page.
  • Add the donation or event ticket button to any page and change the color and text with ease.
  • Philantro donation form triggered by the Philantro plugin for WordPress.
  • For campaigns with a goal, show the fundraising widget.
  • Screenshot of the Philantro general donate form.
  • Screenshot of the Philantro goal based donate form.
  • Screenshot of the Philantro donate process at the billing stage and it's built with option to have donors cover the processing cost.
  • Screenshot of Philantro's Event Ticketing
  • Screenshot of "Select Tickets" step in the Event Ticketing form.
  • Philantro's nonprofit dashboard. When you register with Philantro, your nonprofit has access to insightful reporting, analytics and tools and more. You're going love Philantro.


To begin, your organization must be registered with Philantro for our plugin to work as expected. By default, a test organization is preloaded so you can see experience our plugin before registering.

Set Up In Seconds

  1. Install Philantro for WordPress either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add the 9 digit OID of your organization to the settings and save.
  4. That’s it. You’re ready to go!

How To Show The Donation Form

In your text editor, add the proper shortcode to place your donation form.

Donation Form Shortcode

[donateform label=”Donate Today”]

For more information

Try Philantro,


18 Ottobre 2018
Nowhere in the description does it say that it is only applicable in three countries, you need to install the plugin, then 'sign up' for a demo account to find that out! Total waste of my time!
3 Luglio 2018
GDPR compliance was a headache for our organisation until we found Philantro. The donor reports, household statistics and consent records are brilliant, just what we needed!!!
17 Dicembre 2017
Philantro is by far the best donation platform we've used. We have used around 4 donation platforms in the last 10 years and Philantro is the only service that both the Development department and my department (IT) can agree on... which is rare. We were asked to leave a candid review because our website is WordPress and we've had Philantro for a little over a year. Long story short, we hit a dry spell due to the economy and we couldn't sustain paying $300/month for our previous platform. Our original goal was to find a simple solution to see us through the dry spell until we rebounded and could afford going back to our old platform. After things started to pick up, our board unanimously agreed that we should stick with Philantro and I couldn't agree more. It outperformed our previous donation platform on multiple levels, was more cost effective, provided insight that we didn't have access to before and Philantro provided information that allowed multiple departments to work together more efficiently. The donor self-service freed up a lot of our time, so that's definitely an extra point. I read a review on here and she wrote "Each update they roll out, you’ll see something you were JUST thinking about it" and it's funny because it's so true. Here's what we like: Everything - donor information, transaction data, design, statistics, usability, responsiveness, donor self-service, ACH, PayPal, constant updates that address things you didn't know that you didn't know, Salesforce and Mailchimp integration. Our wish-list: Paid plans. I say this because we're reaching close to a million in donations this year and it would be nice to see Philantro offer a monthly subscription that would lower our transaction cost or offer a volume discount. Mail Merge for donor acknowledgments QuickBooks Integration We rave about Philantro every chance we get, keep up the great work and lets see some paid plans in 2018 🙂
14 Giugno 2017
The amazing peeps at Philantro reached out to us WordPress users who use their plugin to write a candid review of Philantro and to be brutally honest 🙂 Buahahaha - you should have never asked, jk! Philantro is invaluable, the data they provide on donors and donations - invaluable, the donation form is beautiful and responsive, conversion and demographic metrics - invaluable, they way Philantro curates data for accuracy is unreal and their recapture features - unbelievable! The recapture features alone will brings tears of joy any nonprofit's eyes lol. It's just a really solid, forward thinking donation service/platform and each update, it gets better and better. It's clear they listen to use users. Each update they roll out, you'll see something you were JUST thinking about it lol, the Philantro team is just as amazing as Philantro itself. We've been with Philantro for maybe 18-19 months and on my birthday, I received a birthday card with the option to choose a Philantro t-shirt or a hoodie as a gift - they're just incredible. Philanto is amazing. The Philantro team is amazing. Now - here's what I would like to see 🙂 I would love to see phone support in the future. The custom reporting need some work because we would like the ability to select the fields it returns. When we run custom reports for third-parties, sometimes we just want gender and amounts etc. And lastly, we would love to see integrations with accounting software instead of just the ability to export our transaction data. Overall, if you're a nonprofit - you will love Philantro, you will love the team and you will wonder how you ever managed to accept donations without it!
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