Questo plugin non è stato testato con le ultime 3 versioni principali (major releases) di WordPress. Potrebbe non essere più mantenuto, o supportato, e potrebbe presentare problemi di compatibilità se utilizzato con versioni più recenti di WordPress.

Pixabay Images


Pixabay Images is a WordPress plugin that let’s you pick CC0 public domain pictures from Pixabay and insert them with just a click anywhere on your blog. The images are safe to use, and paying attribution or linking back to the source is not required.

Features include:

  • Search Pixabay’s CC0 public domain pictures via “Add Media” button inside the editor.
  • Filter search results by image type (clipart, photo) and/or orientation (horizontal, vertical).
  • Infinite scrolling through large preview images in search results.
  • Direct image uploads to WordPress’ media library.
  • Use of standard media dialogue for inserting images.
  • Unobtrusive integration into WordPress.

For more information, check out


  • Pixabay Images window with search results.
  • Optional button inside the WordPress editor.
  • Search results in WordPress’ new Media Manager.
  • Standard media dialogue for uploaded image.


  1. Install Pixabay Images either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. That’s it. You’re ready to go!


Installation Instructions
  1. Install Pixabay Images either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. That’s it. You’re ready to go!
What does the term ‘CC0’ mean?

CC0 1.0 Universal is Creative Commons’ Public Domain dedication, which is used for all images on

Are there any restrictions or requirements for using these images?

You are free to adapt and use the images for commercial purposes without attributing the original author or source. Although absolutely not required, a link back to Pixabay is appreciated. Learn more in this article about: public domain images and their limitations

Where do I get further information about Pixabay?

Read Pixabay’s FAQ and/or their Terms of Use to learn more.

Why am I not getting search results on Internet Explorer?

The plugin works on all modern browsers; Internet Explorer version 9 or higer is required.


4 Marzo 2020
With Pixabay Images activated, I cannot use the Divi 4.3.4 visual builder. This plugin hasn’t been updated in 2-years and it shows. I used to love it, but no more.
3 Dicembre 2019
Hi Simon, I have version 3.4 and it doesn’t work. Happy to help you solve the bug and turn the one star into five. When clicking on the image to download, the little loader animation keeps going forever and I see an error 500 on a post attempt to /wp-admin in my Chrome console. Then when I look in the media gallery after a few more seconds, the images shows up as broken (grey page icon). ––EDIT–– Apparently the bug comes from a conflict with the WP Super Cache plugin by Automattic: the “Clear all cache files when a post or page is published or updated” option needs to be checked in the Advanced settings. Four stars now that it works.
3 Settembre 2019
Used to be a “Great” stock picture tool, but is in dire need of an update because it declined to an “Okay” stock picture tool. Key words often don’ t seem to work as well in the plugin as they do on the Pixabay site self and many irrelevant results get mixed in. This plugin is still somewhat faster than searching on google images for “labeled for reuse” pictures. But nowadays I often find myself using google anyway because I can’t even simply find a good “strawberries cream” in the pixabay app. Bummer 🙁
4 Aprile 2019
Worked great as long as I was using a vanilla theme, but after struggling with the DIVI Builder not loading when I tried to edit pages, have found out that it is not working properly with divi. Currently on Divi Version: 3.21.3, and Pixabay Plugin Version: 3.4
31 Agosto 2018
Bilder lassen sich schnell und einfach in den Editor einbinden, kein unnötiges extra hochladen… macht weiter so, ich bin begeistert
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Pixabay Images” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.




  • Release iniziale


  • Solved bug about retrieving images from source


  • Fixed multiple keyword search
  • Fixed layout bugs in Chrome


  • Responsive layout for WordPress 3.9+
  • Added localization/translations
  • Added plugin settings page
  • Added higher resolution images


  • Fixed bug for PHP versions lower than 5.3


  • Fixed image URL in settings
  • Tested plugin for WordPress 4.0


  • Fixed: Plugin could not be activated with certain PHP settings
  • Updated icon and readme.txt


  • Fixed security issues: Authentication bypass and path traversal attack (Thanks goes to Mogwai, IT-Sicherheitsberatung Munich)
  • Included new languages in settings page.


  • Tested in WordPress 4.2.2
  • Updated Pixabay API to use secure HTTPS connection.


  • Reverting to using HTTP for internal Pixabay API requests.


  • Using HTTP/HTTPS auto detection for Pixabay API requests.


  • Yet another fix to make the plugin work properly with HTTPS sites.


  • Making latest fix work in older PHP versions.


  • Fixed bug for network installations.
  • Fixed You don't have permission to edit this post issue.
  • Fixed plugin for SSL sites.
  • Fixed issues with IE 10/11.


  • Tested in WordPress 4.2.3
  • Second fix for You don't have permission to edit this post issue.
  • Fixed warning about wp_enqueue_script on plugin activation.


  • Improved security
  • Changed default upload path.


  • Updated Pixabay API calls.
  • Tested in WordPress 4.4


  • Version number fixed.


  • Compatibility tested for WordPress 4.7


  • Compatibility tested for WordPress 4.8.1
  • Modernized layout and improved handling.
  • Endless scroll for search results.
  • Larger preview images.


  • Compatibility tested for WordPress 4.9
  • Included SafeSearch filter in settings
  • Fixed


  • Some bug fixes.


  • Some bug fixes.


  • Fixed “Invalid upload” bug.
  • Fixed multi site plugin activation failure.
  • Fixed cURL image download timeout.