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Points And Rewards For WooCommerce is a points management plugin that engages customers by offering them points on store activities like signup, purchase, referrals, etc. Customers can redeem these points to buy products at your store or participate in your membership program. With the reward program at your WooCommerce Store, you can improve sales, Return On Investment(ROI), conversion rate, Customer Lifetime Value(CLV), and referral marketing scope.

With the Points And Rewards for WooCommerce plugin you can:

  • Offer points on signup, referrals, purchase, etc. to engage your customers
  • Create a membership program to reward loyal customers with exclusive offers
  • Track the points transaction of every customer with point log report
  • Manually update the points of your customers from the points table feature
  • Notify customers through email for every point’s transaction
  • Offer reward points in different languages with WPML Multilingual support
  • Change the point value for the order total and cart redemption
  • Assign a similar point value to all simple products with global point assign feature
  • Offer a specific number of points for a set price range of the order value


1) Reward Points on Actions
With Woocommerce Points and rewards plugin, customers have the opportunity to earn points through various activities like:

  • Sign Up– Merchants can offer points on unique customer sign-ups.
  • Referrals– When user A shares his referral link and user B signs up using user A’s referral link, user A receives reward points. With this plugin, users can share their referral link on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and WhatsApp directly from their account.
  • Total Amount Spent– Merchants can set the points to be credited to the customer’s account against each penny they spend on their store via the conversion feature.
  • On Purchase Of Product– Merchants can assign a global point value to all simple products of their store so the customer gets the same number of points on the purchase of any product.
  • On A Set Range Of Order Total– Merchant can set the number of points the customer will get if his order value lies within a set range.

2) Easy Point Redemption
Customers can redeem their points either on the cart or at the checkout page by entering the points in the “Apply Points” field. Merchant can select where he wants to show the “Apply Points” field, on a cart or the checkout page. He can also set the conversion rule to determine the value of every point using the conversion table feature.

For Example: If the order costs $20 and the customer has 10 points in his account, the merchant can determine whether the customer will get a discount of 10, 5, or 2 dollars by redeeming those 10 points.

3) Membership System For Exclusive Offers
Merchants can create their own membership system based on rewards points. This helps them offer exclusive discounts to the customers based on the points they collect. Merchants can add rewards discounts on some categories and their products. If the customer subscribes to the membership, he can purchase those discounted products.

4) Points Log Report
Points Log Report feature is available for both customers and admin:

  • For Customers – They can check and monitor each point transaction they have done so far. The log table shows the details for each point they earned and redeemed.
  • For Merchant – They can view the user points history to track the points transaction for each customer. Along with it, they can add or deduct points from any customer’s account using this feature.

5) Customer Notification Feature
With Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin, merchants can notify their customers for each point transaction. Merchants can customize the email subject and message for different notification types. The notification is sent to the registered email of the customer.

6) WPML Multilingual Compatibility
The WooCommerce rewards plugin is compatible with the WPML Multilingual plugin that allows you to reward your customers in your local language.

Free demo of Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

Visit Points and Rewards for WooCommerce Documentation and learn more about the features and working of the plugin.


  • Multilevel Membership
  • Generate Coupons Using The Points
  • Referral Purchase Points
  • Review/Comments Points
  • Assign points to the selected category
  • Points Sharing
  • Purchase Products through Points
  • Points Expiration
  • Multilevel Order Total Points
  • Points Adjustments On Order Refund & Cancellation
  • Points On Referral Order Total


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Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • General Settings - Basic settings which are required to run the plugin
  • Customer's Earned Points Log Table - After Earn/Redeem points by the customer log will be listed here
  • Share Referral Link Using Social Media - Customers can also share the referral link on social sites as well.
  • Customized Text - Admin can modify/add the text according to the need. It will get display on the My Account > Points page
  • Redeem Points On Cart Page - Customer can redeem their points on the cart page and get the discount
  • Redeem Points On Checkout Page - Customer can also redeem their points on the cart page
  • Earn Points Per Currency Setting - Allow customer to earn on every currency spent
  • Points Table - Admin can Add/Subtract/View customers points from here
  • Membership Setting - Add membership level and provide a discount on membership
  • Upgrade User Level - Customers can upgrade their membership and get the benefits.
  • Assign Product Points - Customers can purchase and get the assigned points.
  • Order Total Point - Can provide points to the customer on the basis of their order total


Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of the plugin, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu, and click Add New.

In the search field type ” Points And Rewards For WooCommerce” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our Points And Rewards For WooCommerce plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating, and description. Most importantly, of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading our Points And Rewards For WooCommerce and uploading it to your webserver via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Automatic updates should work like a charm; as always though, ensure you backup your site just in case.


How does this plugin work?

Merchants can create a reward point management system using this plugin. In this point reward system, customers get rewarded with loyalty points for their store activities like purchase, signup, referral, and many more. Customers can further redeem earned point value as a discount for their purchase.

Who can use this plugin?

Any WooCommerce store owner who wants to build a loyalty rewards program for their customers can use this plugin.

How can point be redeemed using this plugin?

The plugin allows merchants to let their users redeem earned points either on the cart or the checkout page. Customers need to add the points in the “Apply Points” field and the points will be redeemed.

How and where can we add, remove, or view the points for the user, manually?

You can view, add, or remove the users’ points manually through the points table section. To do this, go to your WordPress Dashboard then navigate to WooCommerce > Points and Rewards, and in the plugin, go to the Points Table section. Under that section, you can select whether you want to add or deduct points for a specific user, add your remarks for updating the points and click on Update and you’re done.

Is there any feature in the plugin by which we can give the points on the order total?

Yes. Through the “Order Total Points” setting, the admin can offer points on the order total. Merchant can set the number of points a customer will receive if his order value lies within a set price range. For example Merchants can offer 100 points whenever a customer spends an amount between 100 to 300 dollars. So you can add 100 in as the minimum and 300 as the maximum price and the customer will receive 100 points whenever they spend this much amount.

To enable this feature, go to your WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Points and Rewards > Order Total Points and click on the checkbox that says “Enable the settings for the orders”. Then set the maximum and minimum price on which you want to offer points to your customers. And enter the number of points you will offer if a customer spends the set amount at your store. Save Changes and your customers will receive points if they shop within the set range of amounts.

Admins can also create memberships using this plugin to offer exclusive discounts to the customers. Customers can join the membership using the earned points.

Are coding skills required for using this plugin?

No. Coding skills are not required to use this plugin. You can easily install, activate, and use this plugin.

Can I provide points to the customer for signup?

Yes, you can offer points on Signup by enabling the Signup points feature. To do this, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to WooCommerce > Points and Rewards > General. In the General tab, you’ll see the Signup section. Enable the checkbox that says “Enable Signup Points for Rewards” and enter the number of points you want to offer to customers on every unique sign up. Save changes once you’re done and the customers will receive rewards for their signup.

How will customers get the benefit of the membership feature?

Admin can create the membership and set a specific number of points to join the membership. When a customer collects the set number of points, he/she can spend that amount of points to join the membership program.

Do customers receive an email notification about the reward points they have earned?

Yes. You can notify the customers about the transaction of their loyalty points through emails. There are different scenarios to notify customers of their points transactions. You can create a different subject line and message for every notification. The email will be sent to the registered email of the customer.

How can a customer or admin check the points transaction history?

Our WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin offers a points log report feature that allows both customers and admins to check the points transaction history.
For customers: Customers can check their points transaction history on your online store by going to My Account > Points > View Point Log. All the points transactions are shown in that report.

For admins: Admins can check the points transaction history of each customer by going to their WordPress Dashboard and then navigating to WooCommerce > Points and Rewards > Points Table. In the points table, the admin can click on the View Point Log to checkpoints transactions of every customer.

Can customers earn the points on the referral signup?

Yes. The admin can enable this feature to offer loyalty points on referral signup. To do this, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to WooCommerce > Points and Rewards > General. In the General tab, you’ll see the Referral section. Enable the checkbox that says “Enable Referral Points for Rewards” and enter the number of loyalty points you want to offer to customers on every referral sign up. Save changes once you’re done and the referrer will receive the loyalty points whenever a referee signs up to your website using the referrer’s referral link.

How do I see my points balance?

Customers can see their points balance in the Points tab under the Account section.


14 Ottobre 2020
Do not use this product with Woo Subscription plugin. We have a client pet food website which has been running both Woo Subscriptions and this points and rewards plugin for quite sometime. With the most recent updates there is a glitch and the points redemption will not function at the checkout. Have raised this issue with WooCommerce support (BTW don't call yourselves Happiness Engineers when you clearly aren't) and they have referred to their development team. No ETA on fix - could be weeks, could be months. In the meantime our client and his customers just have to suck it up. There is no sense of accountability or responsibility from this outfit.
10 Settembre 2020
Points and Rewards is amazing. It is easy to use with nice feature, and aslo price is cheap comparing to any other plug in . Especially , their customer service is excellent. Whenever I have questions, they are always ready for my answers.I really recommend this plugin.Again, I wanna say thank Anshu who answers me patiently my questions.He is really helpful and courteous.
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1.0.8 – Released on 23 October 2020

  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.5
  • Fix: Minor issues

1.0.7 – Released on 26 August 2020

  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.4 and WordPress 5.5
  • New: Points feature for all user role

1.0.6 – Released on 18 July 2020

  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce version 4.3

1.0.5 – Released on 24 June 2020

  • Tweak: Changed Text Domain from points-rewards-for-woocommerce with points-and-rewards-for-woocommerce
  • Tweak: Changed hook from woocommerce_customer_created with user_register
  • Fix: Resolve conflict of referral purchase with order per currency spend points
  • Fix: Assigned points product quantity calculation

1.0.4 – Released on 10 April 2020

  • Fix: Assign points design issue
  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0 and WordPress 5.4

1.0.3 – Released on 28 February 2020

  • New: Share Referral link on WhatsApp
  • Fix: Minor Issues

1.0.2 – Released on 21 January 2020

  • Fix: Designing Issues

1.0.1 – Released on 9 December 2019

  • Minor Fixes

1.0.0 – Released on 22 November 2019

  • First version