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Pro Writer Lite


Pro Writer allows you to edit copy, style type and add images and media form the WordPress front-end.

Features include:

  • Live Editing. Edit your WordPress pages without entering the admin. Type directly on the pages and posts of your site, adding images, styling type and adding media working directly on your website’s front-end.
  • Add Images. Add images directly to your pages and posts. You no longer need to navigate several screens to upload an image.
  • Embed Media. Add videos, maps and other embeds to your pages, adding the code directly while working on your pages and posts.
  • WYSIWYG Editing. See your edits with your fonts, colors and styles in place. You no longer have to guess how your pages will look. With our plugin, you can see how your edits will look as you type, working in real-time.

Commercial Plugin Features

  • Page Formatting. Create text columns, adding layouts to your pages, working directly from your website’s front-end.
  • Add Buttons. Easily add buttons to your pages. Turn any text selection into a button.
  • Contact Form. Add a contact form to provide an easy way for your customers to stay in touch.
  • Social Share. Include social share icons anywhere in your pages or posts. Support for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and More.
  • Layout Options. Style text with bullets, blockquote right, and align right.
  • Sample Text. Create blocks of sample text to help flesh out layouts.
  • Future Expansion. We are continuing to add functionality to our product and as a Pro Writer customer you will always receive upgrades free of charge.

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  • Pro Writer Menu Interface.
  • Pro Writer Edit Page Icon.


  1. Install Pro Writer either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Once Activated, you will now have a new button on the right side of your pages and posts. Clicking on this will allow you to start editing directly on your pages and posts.
  3. That’s it. You can now start editing without going into the admin!


Does your support video and other embeds?


What do I get with the free version?

Our lite plugin allows you to make headlines, add images, links
and media. Our commercial plugin allows you to create layouts, add
buttons, contact forms, social share icons and more. Please visit our
website at: to learn more

Does your plugin work with shortcodes?

Our free plugin ghosts shortcodes, coloring them gray and preventing you
from overwriting them. You will still be able to edit the rest of
the copy of your pages as well as text in between.

This will only affect pages and posts where you have added functionality
via another third-party add-ons, or are using a plugin to create layouts.

What is available with the commercial version of your product?

With the commercial version of Pro Writer, you will be able to add text columns,
buttons, newsletters, social share icons and more. There is also a more complete
set of writing tools.

The commercial version of our plugin will work with all shortcodes, allowing
you to edit pages and posts with all their extended functionality visible in
edit mode and is compatible with Visual Composer.

We are always adding functionality to our plugin and as a Pro Writer customer,
you will receive upgrade for free.

You can learn more about Pro Writer here:

[Join Pro Writer Beta](


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • initial release

= 1.01=
* added support for older versions of PHP


*stability enhancements


  • various stability improvements
  • Media uploader bug fixed


  • New edit icon
  • Moved edit icon out of admin bar. No longer need to have admin bar enabled to edit posts.