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Really Simple Affiliate Program


Really Simple Affiliate Program allows you create an easy affiliate signup page on your website, which people can use to get an affiliate code to share your product or service with others. Using that affiliate code and link, you will see whenever that person brings in a referral from the dashboard build right into WordPress.


  • Easy to use shortcode for creation of the affiliate signup page.
  • User will receive a beautiful email with their affiliate code and link, making it easy for them to start sharing about your product right away.
  • You have the option of restricting ‘referral’ submissions by IP address, meaning that one person can’t submit the form many times in their own home and make it look like they brought in legitimate referrals.
  • Easy to use shortcode for displaying the referrer affiliate code in an email that is send out from a ‘conversion form’ such as Contact Form 7.
  • Instructions for integrating the affiliate code URL with a Gravity Forms form are included too! These are found on the plugin settings page.
  • Pre-written social media blurbs and imagery can be added to make affiliates’ jobs of spreading the word even simpler.



18 Agosto 2019
If you're looking for a basic solution to track referred Gravity Forms form submission to then this might be perfect for you. With the power of Gravity Forms, and their conditional logic, you can set up all kinds of referral notifications. However this plugin does not create an affiliate area where the referring partner can look up his earning statistics. That's probably the reason why the use of this plugin is somewhat limited. Nonetheless, if you don't need this affiliate area, and just want to track sales and submissions of referral partners on a GF, this is it.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • IMPROVEMENT: Added cookie-based referrer tracking so that the customer can browse the site and come back to the conversion form.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Added ability to include pre-written social media blurbs that will be sent to new affiliates.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added ability to upload a social media image that will be attached to the email that is sent to new affiliates.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Added instructions for usage with Gravity Forms.


  • FIX: Fixed bug where the IP block would not take effect if the same affiliate logged referrals from one IP, then another and back again.
  • SECURITY: Enhanced security by further implementing WordPress’ database functions to sanitize input.


  • Added ‘rsap_referrer_code’ shortcode to allow the affiliate code to be easily placed in a form submission email (as with Contact Form 7), or somewhere on the ‘conversion form’ page.


  • Initial release.
  • Includes IP restriction to prevent spam submissions from one person.
  • Includes shortcode to easily display the affiliate signup form.