Responsive Table for Divi


This plugin is for you, if…

  • You have the Divi-Theme installed.
  • You want a fast solution to make any HTML Table responsive. In under 2 minutes.
  • You want to customize some elements, table options or colors, right in the Divi-Module.
  • You don’t want ANY dependencies to some CDN-Networks or CDN-Files. All scripts and styles are installed with the plugin and are hosted in YOUR WordPress-Installation.


  • View of the Divi-Module-Settings-Tab
  • View of the responsive table (desktop)
  • View of the responsive table (mobile)
  • View of the Divi-Module


  1. Install the plugin
  2. Open the Visual Builder or the Backend Builder in Divi.
  3. Add the new Divi-Module “SS Responsive Table”.
  4. Open the settings by clicking the gear icon of the Divi-Module.
  5. Go to the content section (in the content tab), select text and not visual!
  6. Past your HTML Table in the content filed.
  7. Save the module and exit the Visual Builder or the Backend Builder in Divi, by saving it.
  8. End of story.
  • Open the “SS Responsive Table”-Module and customize it with the options in the module.


My table is still an HTML-Table and not responsive. What can I do?
Please note, that the opening table element need to look like this:


table class=”datatable display” cellspacing=”0″ width=”100%”>
Or get a demo-table from the plugin website.


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