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Restaurant Pickup | Delivery | Dine in


Restaurant Pickup | Delivery | Dine in plugin is an add-on for WooCommerce, that allow your customers to place an order for delivery or pickup or dine in with chosen date and time. With a dine in order you know how many people are coming on which date and time, optionally what accommodation they need ( like casual lunch/dinner, party purpose/ meet over lunch) and you can prepare in advance and serve them instantly without waiting time.

Similarly allow customers to place an order for take away or delivery online.

Control number of days allowed for advance ordering

Her you control number of days to allow for advance ordering. like anyone can place order with a maximum seven days advance.You can set allowable days for pre-order in plugin settings page and customers will be able to pick a date from date picker calendar within your specified advance day range only.

Control delivery hours to choose

You can set delivery hours in plugin settings page and customers can pick a delivery time from your specified time range only.

Control pickup hours to choose

Let your customer know what time slot is allowed for pickup. You can set pickup hours in plugin settings page and customer can choose a pickup time from your specified time range only.

Set minimum time to get deliver

Tell your customer what is your minimum delivery time, this option is visible on widget only. You can set minimum delivery time in plugin settings page and this info will be visible in widget.

Let you customers to place an order for delivery or pickup or dine in

Customer can select whether they will pickup their orders from you store or they need a delivery for their order or they are placing an order for dine in.

Automated shipping based on order type selection

Restaurant Pickup | Delivery | Dine in plugin for WooCommerce come with automated shipping selection based on order type, ie; if customer choose pickup instead of delivery then the In Store Pickup shipping is automatically applied. If deliver option is selected then it will show your available shipping methods except the Store Pickup one. For restaurant dine in order it applied to In Store Pickup.

Control what texts to show on order details page with date and time and order type

This plugin show the desired delivery/pickup/dine in date and time on order details page on front-end and you can control the texts to be shown there with their chosen date and time for delivery/pickup. Additionally show number of guest and if any accommodation is requested in case of restaurant dine in order.

Control where to place delivery/pickup/din in info on order details/completed page

You can control where to show this delivery/pickup/dine in date and time on customer order details page, two option is available as before the order item table or after order item table.

Control and show delivery/pickup date time on email

Date and time for order delivery or order pickup or dine in order is shown on customers email as well. For restaurant dine in order it include additional info like number of guest and if any accommodation is requested during checkout.

Get delivery/pickup date time and dine on order details on admin side order details page

On admin side order details page you can see whether the order is for delivery or pickup or dine in. It show date and time requested for delivery/pickup and additionally show number of guest and if any accommodation is chosen when order is as dine in table booking.

Control all the texts/labels

You can change text/label of each fields with your own words.


If you enjoy this plugin please put a review, that will encourage me to bring some more …


  • Checkout page with dine in option selected

  • Order completed/details page for dine in order

  • Admin side order details page for dine in type order

  • Customer email copy for dine in order type

  • Checkout page with delivery option selected.

  • Widget comes with this plugin.


  1. Upload the unzipped plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory then activate it through “Plugins” -> “Installed Plugins” page on wp-admin side.
    Search for the plugin with name “Restaurant Pickup | Delivery | Dine in” on “Plugins” -> “Add New” page/screen of wp-admin area. Click “Install: button and then “Activate” button.

  2. Use the Wp admin menu labeled as “Delivery | Pickup | Dine in” to configure the plugin


Can I disable delivery or pickup or din in option?

Yes you can disable any of the three service from plugin settings page, this is available from version 1.0.4.

How can I ask first if it is a order for pickup/delivery or a table booking without going to checkout page?

Yes just place the widget on any page where you want to collect information like above along with how many number of guest, purpose and if any special accommodation is preferred.

I want to make time field as optional

Yes you can make time field as mandatory or optional from plugin settings page.

Time drop-down is blank

Put your timings for delivery, pickup and dine in on plugin settings page.

Checkout page allowing order without time

Make sure you have made time selection mandatory on plugin settings page.

Need something more?

Ask us directly from your dashboard, use the support form that is on 2nd menu of the plugin labeled as “Request support”. We will get back you.


11 Novembre 2020
Great plugin, we used it for our webshop from Il Tartufo in Delft and it works perfectly and was very easy to instal. Opening hours of delivery and collection can be set separately in the shop, which we couldt do our selves. Many thanks!
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


Initial release.


Mobile compatibility increased
1) Checkout page button placement css updated so that all the three button for order type stay in same line.
2) Number of guest buttons are styled for mobile device so that they are shown in two row instead of one row.


Plugin support request page showing a line of warning – fixed.


Mobile compatibility increased.


1) Admin now can disable/enable delivery/pickup/dine in service from plugin settings page.
2) Widget comes with all the option link on checkout page. Previously widget had order type, date & time option only, now comes with guest count, purpose and accommodation options.
3) Dine in label text now can be your own word, it was missing on previous version.

1.0.5 (18/10/2019)

1) Weekly holiday settings added for each of service like delivery, pickup, dine.
2) Service type label glitch fixed, previously it has a large invisible clickable area which make the page refresh while mistakenly clicked on it.