Questo plugin è stato chiuso il 28 Giugno 2021 e non è più disponibile per il download. Motivazione: Problema di sicurezza.


19 Settembre 2019
Последнее объявление плагина просто снесло сайт! После нажатия обновить плагин весь дизайн развалился, сайт перестал нормально отображаться, пришлось отключить плагин и на сайте больше нет рекламы. Сайт стал бесполезным, а создавался он именно для рекламы. Исправите пожалуйста!
28 Febbraio 2019
I used this plugin quite long time for some of my websites and so far this is the best ads management plugin for me since I can get so many option and it's FREE, thanks for this great work Minimus, ... also thanks for great and quick support
22 Marzo 2017
I know that some people find this plugin useful, but honestly, to achieve a simple task - showing 12 random ads in a sidebar - takes at least a couple of hours of work, and manually dividing your ads into separate groups, adding each of those groups to separate places, then assigning those places to an ad block, and telling the ad block to display randomly. The pro (Lite) Version is no better, and the documentation is confusing as all get-out. It's too bad, because the functionality is there, but it makes something that should be simple unnecessarily difficult.
15 Marzo 2017
Advertising is not easy. Managing advertisements isn't either. This plugin makes the task as easy as possible Without hiring someone dedicated to doing the task themselves or spending a premium for a "for dummies" type of plugin. There is some time investment into learning what to do and how to do it. Once the setup is learned, this plugin becomes a very powerful tool. I feel the 1-star reviews this plugin received recently do not do it justice. Either they are from folks who are unwilling to invest time learning the system or from competitors bashing the software. Either way, they're wrong. If you are on a budget and need a free solution to manage your ad spaces, this plugin is essential.
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