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Search Regex aggiunge un set potente di funzioni di ricerca e sostituzione per articoli, pagine, tipi di articolo personalizzati e altre sorgenti dati di WordPress. Queste vanno oltre le capacità standard di ricerca e ti consentono di cercare e sostituire quasi ogni dato conservato nel tuo sito. In aggiunta alla semplice ricerca hai a disposizione tutta la potenza delle espressioni regolari di PHP.

Puoi usarlo per fare cose come:
– Migrare un sito da un dominio a un altro
– Aggiornare gli URL nei link e nelle immagini
– Effettuare cambiamenti in tutto il sito

Search filters can be created to match any column of any WordPress table. For example:
– Find all posts in a category
– Find all post meta data without a post
– Find all posts in a date range

Search Regex gestisce siti piccoli e grandi.

Cosa posso cercare?

Puoi cercare:
– Articoli
– Pagine
– Qualsiasi tipo di articolo personalizzato
– Commenti (incluso lo spam)
– Utenti
– Metadati
– Opzioni di WordPress
– Plugin supportati (come Redirection)

È disponibile il pieno supporto alle espressioni regolari che ti consentono di catturare dati e di usarli nella sostituzione.


A variety of actions can be performed on matching results:
– Modify and replace the result
– Delete the result
– Export to CSV and SQL
– Perform custom PHP action

Modify and Replace Data

Results can be individually modified by clicking on the item to change, and using the popup modifier.

Bulk modifications can be performed against all matching results.

The types of modification depend on the data being changed:
– Numbers can be added or subtracted to existing numbers
– Hours, days, weeks, and months, can be added to dates
– Tags and categories can be added, removed, and substitued

Custom shortcodes are supported that allow dynamic data to be included:
– Add the current date and time, in any format, to content
– Insert data from other columns. For example, insert the category into the title
– Transform existing data. For example, convert case, change underscores to dashes.

Example uses

Some ideas for potential uses:
– Delete all comments that match a phrase
– Add a category to all matching posts
– Remove orphaned meta data


Invia segnalazioni di bug, patch e richieste di nuove funzioni a:

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La documentazione completa si trova nel sito Search Regex.


  • Opzioni di ricerca
  • Cerca e sostituisci in linea
  • Editor in linea


È semplice installare il plugin:

  1. Scarica
  2. Decomprimi il file
  3. Carica la directory search-regex nella tua directory /wp-content/plugins
  4. Vai nella pagina di gestione dei plugin e abilita il plugin
  5. Configura le opzioni dalla pagina Strumenti/Search Regex

Puoi trovare informazioni dettagliate per installare un plugin nella pagina di installazione plugin.


16 Aprile 2023
Saved us hours where another plugin would give up.Of curse it's risky to use it [especially if you use it wrong], so always make a DB backup first, just as it says!Thank you very much.
23 Marzo 2023
I installed this plugin to do regex replacements. However, it can barely find ANYTHING even on basic searches. For example I used the search phrase: rel="noopener" target="_blank" That returned 96 results on the plugin search. When I went to my posts, it returned 5,559 results. When I ran that search on the Better Search Replace plugin, I got 279 results. Now sadly the Better Search Replace plugin flat out lies when it says it has regex. It absolutely does not. There are TONS of and TONS of posts this plugin is missing which it should be matching. Completely unreliable. I even did direct database checks and deactivated all caching & security plugins. This plugin just can't do anything.
11 Dicembre 2022
There are several DB replacement plugins. Search Regex is embarrassingly better than all the others, albeit more popular ones. The problem is the name. Many users are kept away from the word "Regex". It is true that it is a unique feature, but this advantage should be spent without making it seem suitable for too specific use. It should be more clear that Regex is just an option, and not even the default. However, the description is very clear. Unfortunately it's not enough, especially considering the repository's search algorithm and the way users scan results.
6 Ottobre 2022
I am working on production and what I really like is that it is possible to create presets that are locked to "No Action". This allows me to search without the risk of accidently replacing the content. It could be safer still. FEATURE REQUEST: The search results return a column called "Matched Content". When hovering over a cell in this column a menu appears that contains "Delete database row". Please allow the creation of Presets that prevent this option being shown. The benefit of this is that Searches would then be intrinsically safe.
9 Settembre 2022
This is a very cool plugin. I was able to use it to remove the date slug from content links (same domain) without breaking the date slug of the media files. Thousand thanks to the developer! At the support tab you can find my setting for this task under the topic: "How to remove date slug from content links on same domain" What I also like a lot is the test search, which shows exactly what changes... with highlighting of the text to be replaced.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Search Regex” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

3.0.6 – September 5th 2022

  • Fix incorrect pagination
  • Fix incorrect page reload
  • Fix export missing a page of data

3.0.5 – August 25th 2022

  • Fix empty replacement string when saving a preset
  • Fix preset being saved from search preset dropdown
  • Fix search flags being reset when no replacement

3.0.4 – August 19th 2022

  • Fix ‘update preset’ dropdown menu not updating
  • Fix current preset when switching pages

3.0.3 – August 14th 2022

  • Fix error in error message
  • Fix error when removing text
  • Fix update notice never going away
  • Fix multi-line replace not replacing

3.0.2 – July 28th 2022

  • Fix more issues with older PHP
  • Fix a failed update not showing an error message
  • Fix post meta not updating

3.0.1 – July 26th 2022

  • Fix issue with PHP < 7.4
  • Fix ID appearing on date values
  • Fix a global search on options with no filter causing a bad query

3.0 – July 24th 2022

  • Major update with many, many, new features
  • Advanced searches with fully customisable filters that can be combined together with AND and OR logic
  • Search any WordPress table, including posts, comments, users, meta-data, and options
  • Search any column, including text, numeric, and date
  • Can be used as a general-purpose data viewer and data updater
  • Export rows to CSV and SQL
  • Mass delete matching rows
  • Modify any column, with ability to increment and decrement numbers and dates (i.e. add 2 hours to post modification date)
  • Insert data from other columns. For example, add a list of categories into a post, add post date to the title etc
  • Transform existing data. For example, change case, convert underscores to dashes.
  • Full support for saving advanced filter and actions to presets
  • Autocomplete filters and modifications
  • Support for serialized data (with conditions)
  • Fix replace with dollar ($) from being treated as a regular expression

2.4.1 – 29th November 2020

  • Fix replacements with a backslashed character

2.4 – 29th October 2020

  • Support multi-line search phrases
  • Improve progress bar animation
  • Add option to ignore draft posts
  • Improve support for serialized data – show it in the UI, and don’t show an error
  • Fix source flags being sent when source is changed

2.3.3 – 13th September 2020

  • Fix replace in ‘all post types’
  • Fix duplicate sources when deselecting a post source

2.3.2 – 8th September 2020

  • Fix locale pluralization throwing an error

2.3.1 – 7th September 2020

  • Fix locales not loading
  • Fix startup error on some sites

2.3 – 6th September 2020

  • Add option to set a default preset
  • Fix global replace not working in post meta
  • Fix replace value not being used in a preset

2.2.1 – 22nd July 2020

  • Fix regular expression search having no pagination buttons
  • Fix saving a preset with no search phrase showing an error
  • Fix inline editor not working on sources with an underscore
  • Add edit link for TablePress tables
  • Increase maximum per-page size

2.2 – 18th July 2020

  • Add presets
  • Save a search as a preset
  • Lock fields in a search
  • Create custom search templates
  • Fix post meta search

2.1 – 6th June 2020

  • Support searching and replacing in multiple sources
  • Improve regex search and replace speed
  • Row actions have moved to a dropdown
  • Fix HTML entities in row titles
  • Handle unknown post types
  • Fix global replace showing 0% progress
  • Add Japanese locale
  • Add Dutch locale

2.0.1 – 11th May 2020

  • Comment title now takes you to comment page
  • Improve regex performance when data has large gaps
  • Use correct contact address
  • Support \1 as well as $1 in regular expression captures

2.0 – 9th May 2020

  • Release version 2.0, a ground-up rewrite
  • Handles any size of database without memory issues or server timeouts
  • New and responsive UI with inline replacing of individual phrases
  • Match replacements are updated in real-time, including regular expressions
  • Edit an entire database row with the inline editor
  • Supports custom post types
  • Groups columns from one database together
  • Search in third-party plugins (currently Redirection)
  • Improved regular expressions without needing delimiters

1.4.16 – 21st Nov 2014 and before to 2007

  • Old versions