Security Ninja For MainWP


Security Ninja è un plugin robusto che ti aiuta a trovare le vulnerabilitò e migliora la sicurezza del tuo sito web.

MainWP è uno strumento inestimabile per chi gestisce più siti web WordPress.

Per utilizzare entrambe, devi installare questa estensione nel tuo sito web principale MainWP.

Link e documentazione

Installazione dell’estensione Security Ninja MainWP da MainWP dashboard

  1. Accedi a MainWP dashboard
  2. Naviga nel menu di WP > Plugin
  3. Cerca ‘Security Ninja MainWP’
  4. Installa e attiva il plugin

Installazione manuale dell’estensione Security Ninja MainWP

  1. Scarica il plugin
  2. Accedi a MainWP dashboard
  3. Naviga nel menu di WP > Plugin
  4. Fai clic su “Aggiungi nuovo” e poi su “Carica plugin”
  5. Scorri fino al file, selezionalo e fai clic su “Installa adesso”
  6. Fai clic su “Attiva plugin” quando ti viene richiesto.


  • Nella panoramica MainWP dashboard puoi vedere le vulnerabilità e i punteggi bassi dei test di sicurezza.
  • Remote start “Run security tests” on one or more sites.


Supporto e documentazione

Fai riferimento alle pagine della documentazione per aiuto e informazioni tecniche su Security Ninja e l’integrazione con MainWP.


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Contributi e sviluppo

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Ti interessa lo sviluppo?

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  • Simplified the global events log by removing the “Module” column.
  • New feature: Logs are now automatically trimmed to maintain only the last 30 days of history or up to 10,000 of the most recent log entries.
  • Bugfix: Not loading the white label popup and “Run Security Tests”
  • Streamlined the interface by moving the User Agent information to a tooltip on hover over the IP address, making room for more relevant data.
  • Added a helpful reminder on the global events page to synchronize websites with Security Ninja Premium for events to appear. Message: ‘It looks boring here, right? Please synchronize some websites with Security Ninja Premium installed.’
  • Updated to the latest Freemius SDK.


  • Added more strings for translation making the plugin translatable.
  • Fixing bug with license and “cannot detect main plugin” error. Thank you for all the feedback and help fixing the bug.


  • Bugfixes to pages not loading correctly.
  • Improved communication with MainWP Client sites with Security Ninja.
  • Bugfixes to the White label feature.
  • Updated language files.


  • Fixed broken menu link that happened on some sites.
  • Improve language to show what type and version of the plugin the child site is running.
  • Fix deprecated code.
  • NEW: Added remote control of white label setting on child sites. Enable / disable and change settings on all child sites quickly.


  • Fix for undefined variables linking to help sections on the website.
  • Add big warning to keep the main Security Ninja running as it is now a requirement for this Addon.
  • Minor bugfixes.


  • Fix for the premium link.


  • Fixed the addon implementation and the bugs reported.
  • Dependency – Necessary to have Security Ninja plugin installed and activated. Free or pro, either works.


  • Refactored the navigation system


  • Fix – Install routines were not working and breaking sites.


  • New version for MainWP v5


  • Updated interface
  • WP 6.4.2 compatibility.


  • WP 6.2 compatibility.


  • Improved security with MainWP changes to admin links.
  • Improved speed loading data from websites.


  • Testato fino alla versione WP 6.0.3
  • Added Secret Access URL to the site list. Perfect if you have become logged out of a site. Suggestion by Alauddin. Note – Requires Security Ninja 5.145.


  • Fix: Some sites data not loading when paginating the site list.
  • Fix: PHP notice for custom reports function.


  • Fix: Direct link in sidemenu still not working. Thank you Mustaasam.


  • Fix: Direct link in sidemenu not working.
  • Fix: Adding search and sorting to the site overview.
  • Fix: Improved styling to follow MainWP styling.
  • Fix: Logo in top left corner.
  • New: Direct link to site Security Ninja Dashboard page.
  • Cleaning up JS and CSS.

BIG thanks to Bogdan from MainWP for the help in tuning this 🙂


  • First public release