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Simple Mobile URL Redirect


A simple mobile redirect plugin for those who use a separate website URL for their mobile content. Simply put in the full path URL and you are ready to send users to your mobile-only content.

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  • The admin page


Questa sezione spiega come installare la plugin e farla funzionare.


  1. Upload mobile-redirect.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Attiva il plugin per mezzo del menù ‘Plugins’ di WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings > Mobile Redirect.
  4. Check Enable Redirect.
  5. Put in a full path URL (inluding http://) to the website you would like to redirect mobile traffic to.
  6. Select the method of redirect you want. 301 is generally the best option.
  7. Hit Save and you are done.


I’ve disabled the plugin but the redirect is still happening, how do I fix this?

First, check if this is happening on another computer. If not, the redirect is simply cached on your machine. Clear the cache and you should be fine.

If the redirect remains everywhere, check if there are other redirect scripts running.

Can I link to pages inside of my site?

(v1.1) Yes, but mobile users will be stuck only viewing that page as the plugin will redirect them back there if they navigate away.
You will still need to use a full path as well, and make sure the URL is exactly as what will be redirected including / at the end if necessary.
As of v1.2, you can use the Redirect Once option to redirect users to an internal page on their first visit, afterward they’ll be able to browse the site normally.

Does this redirect iPad traffic?

Yes. The built in WordPress function redirects tablets as mobile


6 Luglio 2019
I am really amazed with a simple very lightweight plugin can do so much. Thanks a lot to the author. For those who are using https:// protocol, to avoid infinite redirection Edit the plugin, modify line 34 in mobile-redirect.php and change http:// to https://. I hope this will be supported for the next future releases.
13 Dicembre 2016
Nice and neat plugin! But this plugin is non-functional, when you do "request desktop site" from Chrome for Android.
16 Novembre 2016
This plugin breaks for special characters allowed in URLs such as ampersands. It also does not work with relative URLs. Spend some more time testing this please!
19 Settembre 2016
Very nice wordpress plugin , Kindly add OPTIONAL OPTION GEO-targeting like this
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fixed home page only redirect
  • Fixed various bugs in WordPress 4.1+
  • Removed tablet option and moved entirely to wp_is_mobile() function


  • Reverted a fix that broke redirect home page only


  • Fixed issues with caching


  • Added support for windows phones
  • Added redirect home page option
  • Added json redirect support
  • Tested tablet support, appears to be working as intended


  • Fixed php notice HTTP_ALL


  • Added support to chose how to redirect tablet traffic


  • Updated included instructions


  • Code clean up
  • Use core’s mobile detection
  • New option to redirect only once


  • Fixed bug with missing functon is_mobile()


  • Stable version and includes 301/302 option