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27 Luglio 2019
I use this plugin on three of my websites and it gets the job done. It is especially better than the one included in WooCommerce! It allows you to change the colours of the banner, the colours of the text and you can decide where you want to place the banner; top or bottom of the screen. The banner displays nice and large which for me is a plus as users tens to overlook the smaller ones! Over all the plugin is very configurable and it does what it is supposed to. My only issues is with the option to add a button to the banner. It just produces a square block on the screen that hides the text underneath. If you do not use the button like I do and just wants to get the message out, then this plugin will work for you.
3 Maggio 2019
This worked well enough functionally, but the element that's added to your page is going to need some custom styling most likely. I'm having to set margins on the text, fix button layouts, fiddle with z-indexes for the notice appearing underneath menus, etc The button link that's added to the notice is an <a href> tag inside of a <button> element, which is not great.. Just a lot of ragged edges on what should be simple HTML. Once that gets cleaned up, I'd love to up my rating.
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