Slim Maintenance Mode


Slim Maintenance Mode is a lightweight solution for scheduled maintenance. Simply activate the plugin and only administrators can see the website.


  • No extra settings, just activate it, do maintenance work, deactivate it.
  • Alert message in the backend, when the plugin is active.
  • Works with any theme.
  • Support for the following cache plugins: Cachify, Super Cache, WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache and W3 Total Cache.
  • Sends HTTP response status code 503 Service Unavailable, especially relevant for search engines.

Bug reports and Contribution

Bug reports and other contributions are highly appreciated. Please open an issue in the support forum.

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Maintenance message for website visitors in English
  • Maintenance message for website visitors in German


Install Slim Maintenance Mode like any other plugin directly from your plugins page.

Activate the plugin through the plugins page every time you need the maintenance mode and deactivate it as soon as work is done.


Where are the settings of the plugin?

There is no settings page. This plugin is designed to be small and simple.

How can I change the content or layout of the maintenance page?

This is not intended by design. Please use another solution if you want a custom maintenance page.

How can I submit a new translation?

Please visit the plugins page at WordPress Translate.


12 Settembre 2019
Very light, clean and simple look. Much appreciated.
29 Agosto 2019
Extremely simple, reliable, fast. It looks clean and official, and there's no upsell. The code is easy to modify if you want to change the message. I've officially moved from a formerly minimal maintenance mode plugin that added lots of crap I didn't want or need. Thank you for this!
19 Agosto 2019
I have been looking for something this super lightweight for a very long time. Slim Maintenance Mode is the only lightweight plugin without any bloat. It works great and simple. This will be part of my workflow from now on. Thank you so much.
18 Aprile 2019
No nonsense maintenance plugin. Excellent!
9 Aprile 2019
Does exactly what I expect a maintenance plugin to do: show a maintenance message to users who're not logged in fix cache compatibility issues automatically send a 503 (Service Unavailable) HTTP response code No settings needed. Thanks!
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Added support for the WP Fastest Cache plugin


  • Opening the plugin to WordPress Translate


  • Added support for the WP-Rocket Cache plugin
  • Changed the way to get directly to the plugin deactivation from the note in the backend


  • Fixed a bug which caused problems in multisite environments


  • Russian translation


  • Fixed a bug which caused problems, when loading translated strings
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Fixed the FAQ


  • French translation
  • Spanish translation


  • Several corrections and enhancements of the information texts
  • Added two screenshots
  • Polish translation


  • Initial version
  • Support for the following cache plugins: Cachify, Super Cache, W3 Total Cache
  • German translation