Social Feeds for Elementor


It have all the features facebook & twitter provides.

Check out demo

Facebook Like Box / Page Plugin:
– Timeline: Display fb posts, events & messages tab.
– Width & Height field for customizing the size of the widget (Responsive, will adapt to your screen width)
– Control Friend Photos, Cover, Call to Action Button, Header using Show/ Hide Toggle
– Enable or Disable: Adapt Contationer Width & Lazy Loading

Twitter Feeds Widget:
– Show Twitter Feeds, Just will require twitter profile URL.
– Dark & Light Theme switch
– Easy Height & Width Control

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  • Facebook Likebox & Twitter Feed Widget
  • Backend Sneak Peak


It’s easy to install and configure it. You can install the zip file you have downloaded or using the plugin installer on wordpress.

Elementor must be installed. You can find our widget on the editor.

Some options for your help:

As we believe the options are quite self-descriptive but we love to help you more so we’ve tried to describe a little more about these options fields on widget area.

  1. Title: Title over the widget positon – if you don’t require to display any title just keep it blank.

  2. Facebook Page URL / Twitter Page URL: Absolute URL of your facebook or twitter page. Note: It doesn’t work for facebook profile or either facebook groups not even facebook event. Only Facebook Page URL will require.

  3. Width: Width of your module in px.

  4. Height: Height of your module in px.

  5. Show Header – Facebook Only: Switch it on/off – Yes for keep it on — No for keep it off

  6. Show Face – Facebook Only: Switch it on/off – Yes for keep it on — No for keep it off

  7. Theme – Twitter Only: Light or Dark as per your preference.


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