Social Media Auto Publish


A quick look into Social Media Auto Publish :

★ Publish message to Facebook with image
★ Attach post or share link  to Facebook
★ Publish to Twitter with image
★ Publish to LinkedIn with image
★ Filter items  to be published based on categories
★ Filter items to be published based on custom post types
★ Enable or disable wordpress page publishing
★ Customizable  message formats for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Social Media Auto Publish Features in Detail

The Social Media Auto Publish lets you publish posts automatically from your blog to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The plugin supports filtering posts based on custom post-types as well as categories.

The prominent features of the social media auto publish plugin are highlighted below.

Supported Social Media

The various social media supported are listed below.


Filter Settings

The plugin offers multiple kinds of filters for contents to be published automatically.

Enable or disable publishing of wordpress pages
Filter posts to be published based on categories
Filtering based on custom post types

Message Format Settings

Separate message format for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Supports post title, description, excerpt, permalink, blog title, nicename, post id and post publish date

Posting options

Publish message to Facebook with image
Attach post to Facebook
Share link on Facebook
Post to specific pages on Facebook
Post to Twitter with image
Post to LinkedIn with image

Informazioni sul plugin

Social Media Auto Publish is developed and maintained by XYZScripts. For any support, you may contact us.

Social Media Auto Publish User Guide
Social Media Auto Publish FAQ

Maggiori informazioni

Social Media Auto Publish User Guide
Social Media Auto Publish FAQ


Please read the FAQ first if you are having problems.


WordPress 3.0+
PHP 5.4+


We would like to receive your feedback and suggestions about Social Media Auto Publish plugin. You may submit them at our support desk.

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • This is the Facebook configuration section.
  • This is the Twitter configuration section.
  • This is the LinkedIn configuration section.
  • Publishing options while creating a post.


Social Media Auto Publish User Guide
Social Media Auto Publish FAQ

  1. Extract to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. In the admin panel under plugins activate Social Media Auto Publish.
  3. You can configure the settings from Social Media Auto Publish menu. (Make sure to Authorize Facebook application after saving the settings.)
  4. Once these are done, posts should get automatically published based on your filter settings.

If you need any further help, you may contact our support desk.


Social Media Auto Publish User Guide
Social Media Auto Publish FAQ

1. The Social Media Auto Publish is not working properly.

Please check the wordpress version you are using. Make sure it meets the minimum version recommended by us. Make sure all files of the social media auto publish plugin are uploaded to the folder wp-content/plugins/

2. Can I post to Facebook pages instead of profile ?

Yes, you can select the pages to which you need to publish after authorizing Facebook application.

3. How do I restrict auto publish to certain categories ?

Yes, you can specify the categories which need to be auto published from settings page.

4. Why do I have to create applications in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ?

When you create your own applications, it ensures that the posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not shared with any message like “shared via xxx”

5. Which all data fields can I send to social networks ?

You may use post title, content, excerpt, permalink, blog title, user nicename, post id and post publish date for auto publishing.

6. Why do I see SSL related errors in logs ?

SSL peer verification may not be functioning in your server. Please turn off SSL peer verification in settings of plugin and try again.

More questions ?

Drop a mail and we shall get back to you with the answers.


Didn’t work for me

Plugin never worked, not even pro. Took ages to refund but eventually got it. Thank god Zapier had all the functionality and even for free so there you go.

It’s no longer working since Facebook update

Due to Facebook update, it has blocked the all apps with valid OAuth URLs ending with: social-media-auto-publish-settings&auth=1 I've only just realised posts weren't being posted. Is there a fix for this yet? *** Edit *** My bad. Facebook had blocked my website so, whilst my posts weren't posting, it wasn't an issue with the plugin. Facebook made a mistake which has now been resolved and the plugin is working perfectly. Winner winner chicken dinner!
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Crediti e riconoscimenti

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

Social Media Auto Publish 2.2

  • Compatibility with LinkedIn API version 2.0
  • Removed unwanted facebook permission ‘user_photos’
  • Added option to specify posting method for LinkedIn

Social Media Auto Publish 2.1

  • Added page for managing authorizations of smapsolutions app
  • Compatibility with gutenberg editor
  • Option to view social media posts from auto publish logs
  • Settings menu reorganized
  • Compatibility with PHP version 7.2

Social Media Auto Publish 2.0

  • Added option for auto publish to linkedin company pages
  • Added Facebook authorization and publishing using
  • Removed unwanted facebook permissions
  • Increased logs count from 5 to 10

Social Media Auto Publish 1.7.8

  • Removed Facebook deprecated permission ‘publish_actions’
  • Applied WordPress time format in {POST_PUBLISH_DATE}

Social Media Auto Publish 1.7.7

  • Twitter api updated with wp_remote_get
  • Facebook authorisation issue fixed
  • UI updated

Social Media Auto Publish 1.7.6

  • Added USER_DISPLAY_NAME in message formats
  • Updated twitter character length limit
  • Minor security issues fixed
  • Removed irrelevant configurations
  • Twitter api updated

Social Media Auto Publish 1.7.5

  • Compatibility with facebook API V 2.11 added
  • Minor bug fixes

Social Media Auto Publish 1.7.4

  • Removed Caption from {POST_CONTENT}
  • Fixed LinkedIn character length issue
  • Fixed Facebook image selection issue for ‘Share a link to your blog post’ and ‘Attach your blog post’
  • Fixed ssl peer verification in wp_remote_get/wp_remote_post calls

Social Media Auto Publish 1.7.3

  • Added POST_ID and POST_PUBLISH_DATE in message formats

Social Media Auto Publish 1.7.2

  • Fixed facebook boost unavailable issue
  • Nonce added
  • Prevented direct access to plugin files
  • Data validation updated
  • Fixed facebook app album related issue

Social Media Auto Publish 1.7.1

  • utf-8 decoding issue fixed
  • Visual composer compatiblity issue fixed
  • Minor bugs fixed

Social Media Auto Publish 1.7

  • Facebook api updated(requires PHP version 5.4 or higher)
  • Twitter 140 character exceeding issue fixed

Social Media Auto Publish 1.6.1

  • Fixed custom post types autopublish issue
  • Fixed duplicate autopublish issue

Social Media Auto Publish 1.6

  • Added option to enable/disable utf-8 decoding before publishing
  • Removed unwanted configuration related to ‘future_to_publish’ hook
  • Removed unwanted setting “Facebook user id”
  • Postid added in autopublish logs
  • Updated auto publish mechanism using transition_post_status hook
  • Open graph meta tags will be prefered for facebook and linkedin attachments

Social Media Auto Publish 1.5.2

  • Latest five auto publish logs for each social media account are maintained
  • Inline edit of posts will work according to the value set for “Default selection of auto publish while editing posts/pages”
  • Resolved issue in fetching facebook pages in settings page (in case of more than 100 pages)

Social Media Auto Publish 1.5.1

  • Updated Linkedin authorization

Social Media Auto Publish 1.5

  • Updated Linkedin API
  • Auto publish added during quick edit
  • Added option to enable/disable “future_to_publish” hook for handling auto publish of scheduled posts
  • Added options to enable/disable “the_content”, “the_excerpt”, “the_title” filters on content to be auto-published

Social Media Auto Publish 1.4.3

  • Fixed category display issue
  • Removed outdated facebook scopes from authorization

Social Media Auto Publish 1.4.2

  • Bug fix for duplicate publishing of scheduled posts

Social Media Auto Publish 1.4.1

  • Fixed auto publish related bug in post edit
  • Fixed message format bug in auto publish
  • Updated Facebook authorization

Social Media Auto Publish 1.4

  • Option to configure auto publish settings while editing posts/pages
  • General setting to enable/disable post publishing
  • Added auto publish for scheduled post
  • Fixed issue related to \” in auto publish

Social Media Auto Publish 1.3.2

  • Fixed auto-publish of scheduled post

Social Media Auto Publish 1.3.1

  • Added compatibility with wordpress 3.9.1
  • Facebook API V 2.0 compatibility added
  • Compatibility with bitly plugin

Social Media Auto Publish 1.3

  • View logs for last published post
  • Option to enable/disable SSL peer verification
  • Option to reauthorize the Facebook/LinkedIn application

Social Media Auto Publish 1.2.2

  • Bug fixed for   in post
  • Twitter api updated to https

Social Media Auto Publish 1.2.1

  • Default image fetch logic for auto publish updated
  • Thumbnail image logic for facebook updated
  • LinkedIn bug fixed

Social Media Auto Publish 1.2

  • Support for user nicename in auto publish
  • A few bug fixes

Social Media Auto Publish 1.1.1

  • Fix for multiple posting to social media
  • Fixed PHP version compatability issue for versions less than 5.3
  • A few bug fixes

Social Media Auto Publish 1.1

  • Support for publishing to LinkedIn
  • A few bug fixes

Social Media Auto Publish 1.0

  • First official launch.