Socializer! helps your visitors to share your blog on top social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, by eMail (including gMail), even translate your pages, get short links, get HTML Reference links and Share links in order to use them on their sites or share them with their friends and in forums, explore your blog even more in the official Google Search pages, Follow you on Facebook and Twitter…, all of this without compromising the speed of your pages.

You can see Socializer! in action, e.g. at Live Desktop Gadgets

Socializer! is self-dependent and safe: it does not interact with your database and it keeps your blog speedy, since it loads immediately scripts for the popular share options (Facebook, Twitter), postponing other options for users who actually need them. It supports SSL meaning your visitors will feel secure.

Alternatively or along with content Share Bars, which are especially useful in responsive designs, you can use the global Socializer! FLOATING bar, a vertical social bar that remains visible all the time, no matter how long a page might be, on a fixed location you can define with precision. Normal Sidebar widgets are also available.

You can use simple CSS directions to customize and fine tune the position, alignment, colors, borders, etc, of the Share bars and Widgets according to your needs. If you are not familiar with CSS or just prefer a preview of your settings before you apply them, you can use the convenient On Line Socializer! Style Editor, a free tool, easily accessible from the Socializer! settings page in your dashboard.

Socializer! includes options on what to share (posts or pages, or both posts and pages), to place your Share bars at the top of your content or at the bottom, or in both locations. Sharing bars can appear also on Archives (Categories, Tags, Dates, etc), although this would be overwhelming for your visitors and is not recommended.

Socializer! Share bars can be invoked also by using the [SocializerNow] Shortcode anywhere you like, adding flexibility you may need, especially in responsive themes.

You can also create manually occasional share-links independently of the regular buttons, whenever you need to have such references in an article of yours.

Socializer! supports the option of hiding the counts in icons that appear immediately on your pages, an option which can be very useful, when you don’t want your visitors to see immediately how many times a post or page is shared, or even if you just need smaller versions of the Sharing bars. However, note that Twitter won’t support View Count anymore. You can let your visitor share your pages, but you won’t get from these networks a hint of their popularity.

Socializer! supports also automatic detection of mobile phones, in which case it lets you decide if you want to hide the Floating bar automatically on cellphones (your caching plugin, if you use one, must also support this function).

If you have a personal, business or fan page in Facebook and / or Twitter, you can let Socializer! add a Follow button in the Share bars. You can see live how Follow works

Socializer! is compatible with WordPress multisite MS / MU installations. Networks supported, and more: Facebook, Twitter, Google Bookmarks, Reddit, eMail / gMail recommendation, Google Translate, copying raw HTML Code (href) for Links and Share Links, Short URL versions, share in Linkedin, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, N4G, and more. This list may change if new sites become popular, or older ones disappear.

  • You may like to have a look at Socializer! Home & Plugin Page for more information or support.

  • To increase your readership further (and rapidly), do not miss the free Social Share Motivator, a plugin able to demand the sharing of your blog as a form of reward for the content you publish, even refuse access to your pages, if you so decide.


  • Socializer! Content / Shortcode buttons (displaying Counts)

  • Socializer! Widget (the large version, displaying Counts)

  • Socializer! Floating Widget (the large version, displaying Counts, here having also a background and border, which can be added or removed or change at will)

  • Socializer! Content / Shortcode buttons (not displaying Counts)

  • Socializer! Floating Widget (the smaller version, not displaying Counts, without background and border)

  • Socializer! Widget (the smaller version, not displaying Counts, without background and border)


To install the Socializer! unzip the archive and upload the “socializer” folder inside the plugins folder of your blog, then activate Socializer! and configure it.

Content, Shortcode, Simple and Floating Widget bars are all configured from the Socializer! page at the Settings section of your blog, and can be styled there further, or even using your main style sheet.

For WordPress multisite installations you can activate the Socializer! globally, for all the sites of your network, or install it on the network admin section, leave it deactivated there, and activate it on (any number of) individual blogs.

If you need help, ask for help

  • Except for the Socializer! images that you see here at the Screenshots section, you can view a live demo at the home page of Live Destkop Gadgets


You can read Frequent Questions and Answers.

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Contributi e sviluppo

“Socializer!” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Removed Google Plus option.


  • Fulfilled requirements for compatibility with WordPress 5.0.


  • Added SSL support. Socializer! now is available at https secure address as requested by Google.


  • Fixed Facebook Share Button background and some cosmetic elements.


  • Fixed possible conflict that might occur by an already loaded class.


  • Fixed possible priority conflicts.


  • Fix of the Facebook button (being invisible on dark backgrounds).


  • Minor compatibility adjustments for WP4.


  • Added the option of using a Style Editor, that will let you easily customize the share bars and widgets.


  • Changes of social sites supported, Changes of How-To-Use directions, Fix of minor code issues.


  • Added option to hide automatically the floating icons from mobile phones, and support for Following in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


  • Added option to hide share Counts. Added option for Shortcode instances of content buttons.


  • A major upgrade. Share buttons of the most popular social networks are now activated immediately in the blog


  • Added the option of a FLOAT sharing button, that remains in a fixed location you can define, always visible no matter how long a blog post is.


  • This is just an update for the WordPress site that Socializer is compatible with WordPress 6.x.


  • Socializer! changes its default social buttons — with bigger ones, that support also transparency and will work gracefully on dark backgrounds. The older buttons are also available to use them, if you like them better than the new ones — and, as always, you can replace the default with anything that you like. The Settings page also became easier to use.


  • Fixed a compatibility problem of the widget with blogs that use ugly permalinks (the ones with queries and numbers instead of descriptive keywords).


  • After users’ requests the Socializer! button can now be placed also on Home index and Archive (Categories, Tags, Dates) pages. Style customization is now available on the plugin Settings page, besides the option of using your central style sheet.


  • Changes to the code that will let the users of Socializer connect to the new server at The old server will continue to work for some months, but you should upgrade.


  • A major update, with new options to place the content button at the top of your content, or at the bottom, or even two times, at the bottom and at the top; css control of the sharing buttons, option to replace the default buttons with user’s own, options to configure the widget (from the same admin page with the content button).


  • New animated buttons, now featuring also Google Plus and eMail.


  • Widget version of the plugin added. Optional activation, no need for configuration, appears anywhere a widget can appear.


  • More presentation changes regarding the WordPressOrg pages.


  • ReadMe file change for better compatibibility with the character encoding of the WordPress.Org pages


  • First release of Socializer!
  • Top social networking sites included, along with Google Plus and eMail recommendation
  • Option to add manually a share link to a page
  • Option to display Socializer! only on posts or pages, or on both posts and pages
  • Double cover of Facebook, share and/or like