Questo plugin non è stato testato con le ultime 3 versioni principali (major releases) di WordPress. Potrebbe non essere più mantenuto, o supportato, e potrebbe presentare problemi di compatibilità se utilizzato con versioni più recenti di WordPress.

Speed Booster By Melotheme


Speed Booster By Melotheme will makes your WordPress website faster by adding new ways to boost Google PageSpeed Insights with fine-tuned controls over file compression, deferring CSS and Javascript styles and scripts, minify for .CSS and .JS, Lazy Load integration and world-class caching.

Speed Booster By Melotheme works with almost all the themes and plugins. You only need to activate the Speed Booster By Melotheme plugin and thats it. Speed Booster By Melotheme is quite fast and will not strain your site.


  • WordPress Admin panel speed optimization
  • Advance plugin setting Option
  • One Click GZip compression
  • Js Migrate Optimization
  • One Click advance HTML, CSS and Js optimization
  • Remove Query String
  • Auto ASYNC Optimization
  • Shortlink and Embed Remover
  • Comment Cookie Remover
  • Lavarange Browser Caching
  • Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix and Pingdom Optimizations
  • Emoji and Similes Remover
  • Move Scripts to Footer from Header
  • Easy Image Optimization and Lazy Load
  • Minify the HTML pages of your website. (Minify Rate: 20% – 40%)
  • and many more

If you need a professional services on Speed optimization, please contact with us. Our expert WordPress speed optimization team will help you to improve your website speed to maximum level.


  • Speed Booster By Melotheme
  • Speed Booster By Melotheme Setting
  • Speed Test by GTMetrix
  • Speed Booster Options


Installing Speed Booster By Melotheme plugin is easy as like others WordPress plugin.

  1. Search Speed booster by Melotheme from Plugin install menu
  2. Install and Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. To adjust the settings, click on “Speed Boster by Melotheme” menu in WordPress admin menu > Settings.
  4. Save and thats it.


Why is my WordPress slow?

There are plenty of factors involved in why you’d have WordPress slow. Speed Booster By Melotheme’s scanning and one-click fixes can work out why your site is slow, and with one click speed up WordPress for you. Easy peasy!

Does Speed Booster By Melotheme work with WooCommerce?

Yes! Speed Booster By Melotheme works great with ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download.

What PHP version is required for this plugin to work?

5.4+ – We strongly recommend you to use PHP 7+, if your website is fully compatible with it, as it’s much faster than any other PHP 5.* and it will make a big difference for your website’s backend speed.

How do I know if my website’s page loading speed is slow and needs improvement?

There are various ways to check the speed of a website and this is in relation to the following: front-end (the part of the website visible to your visitors), back-end (PHP code, server-side optimization), hosting company, CDN (Content Delivery Network) setup, files loaded (making sure CSS, JS, Images, Fonts, and other elements are properly optimized when processed by the visitor’s browser).

Check out to do an analysis of your website and see the overall score your website gets in PageSpeed and YSlow.


20 Novembre 2020
DO NOT INSTALL THIS PLUGIN, THIS PLUGIN IS NOT WORK AND ONLY WILL CRASH YOUR WEBSITE. After installing this plugin my site got error and must uninstall mannuali from cpanel!
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