AdSense Speed Sense


AdSense Speed Sense is an Ads management WordPress plugin. It offers a quicker way for insert Google Adsense on your blog. Support themes standard, mobile, responsive, widgets and AMP pages. Customizable options.

In general, placing Adsense randomly within a post is a good way to experiment a variety of ads formats & placements besides optimizing your Adsense. If you have many regular visitors who frequently revisit your blog, the randomization will likely catch their attention.

Here are some features that come with this plugin:

  1. Default Ads positioning: Assign Ads to the beginning of post, assign Ads to the middle of post, assign Ads to the end of post, assign Ads after ‘more’ tag, assign Ads before last paragraph, assign Ads after certain paragraphs (3 options available) & assign Ads after certain images.
  2. Flexible Ads placement, insert Ads specifically or randomly anywhere within a post.
  3. Simple configuration interface, requires no coding knowledge: Just copy and paste AdSense pub id & Data Ad Slot, tick & select options, the plugin will then do the rest for you.
  4. Support Google Adsense Asyncronous.
  5. Support Widgets for insert ads into Sidebar.
  6. Support up to a maximum of 10 Ads codes for specific placement & randomization within a post.
  7. Insert Ads on-the-fly, simply insert <!–Ads1–>, <!–Ads2–> … , <!–RndAds–> to a post to accomplish this.
  8. Disable Ads on-the-fly, simply insert <!–NoAds–>, <!–OffDef–>, <!–OffWidget–>, <!–OffBegin–> … and more to a post to accomplish this.
  9. The above Tags can be inserted into a post easily via the additional Quicktag Buttons added to the HTML Edit Post SubPanel.
  10. 100% compatible with AMP plugin by Automattic.

Sign up for a Google Adsense Account to generate revenue from your blog, if you don’t have one.

Installation | Screen Shots | Plugin Homepage


  • The General Settings page from Speed Sense plugin. You can choose where insert ads (into post, pages, home page, etc.)
  • The Settings page for single page and post. There are many ways to configure your Ads display, specifically or randomly as you wish.
  • The Settings page for multiple posts (Home page, tag page, archive page, etc).
  • Screen shot showing the additional Quicktag Buttons added to the HTML Edit Post SubPanel. You can specify where insert ads
  • The Settings page for Widgets.


  1. Unzip the downloaded plugin and upload the folder “speed-sense” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Go to the plugin menu in WordPress and activate the plugin.
  3. Go to the “Settings->Speed Sense” page and configure the options. Paste the AdSense pub id & Data Ad Slot to the respective text box.
  4. Optionally, insert the trigger Tags into a post via the additional Quicktag Buttons added to the HTML Edit Post SubPanel.


Please feedback to for any bug you might have found, or any suggestion you like to add.



Adsense speed works just what you cant do without when dealing with Google ads good job WordPress

I tried several Adsense plugins

These was the only plugin that worked consistently. It was easy to use. Only thing missing that I have to use another plugin for is a widget option. But for in page or in post great plugin

Contributori & Sviluppatori

“AdSense Speed Sense” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Improvement – added widgets for insert ads into Sidebar
  • Date: 27-Mar-2017


  • Bug Fix – correct responsive ads setting
  • Date: 22-Mar-2017


  • Bug Fix – correct fatal error
  • Date: 21-Mar-2017


  • Update the deprecated wp code
  • Date: 20-Mar-2017


  • Improvement – optimized adsense responsive ads
  • Date: 22-Nov-2016


  • Bug Fix – Yost Seo plugin conflict
  • Date: 12-Apr-2016


  • Update the deprecated wp code.
  • Date: 3-Feb-2016


  • Bug Fix – Remove the ads from Feed, Ads shouldn’t be there in the first place.
  • Date: 16-Jan-2015


  • Fix the error message problem when the plugin is first activated. Error message: “The plugin generated ‘n’ characters of unexpected output during activation …”
  • Date: 13-Aug-2014


  • Fix for the problem on Setting page stop loading & the disappearing of “Save Setting” button in some cases.
  • Date: 10-Apr-2013


  • v1.5 has been tested up to WP2.9, update the compatible version notice.
  • Date: 04-Jan-2012


  • New functionality – Default Ads positioning: Assign Ads right after the <!–more–> tag.
  • Date: 03-Dec-2011


  • New functionality – Default Ads positioning: Assign Ads to Middle of post.
  • Date: 22-Nov-2010


  • Initial public release.
  • Date: 21-Sep-2009