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Sports Rankings and Lists


The plugin allows multiple authors (or just one) to rank a list of ANYTHING and display the table of rankings in posts or pages. You can choose to show a composite ranking alongside all of the author rankings as well as the author gravatar.

Authors can create comments when they create rankings which are displayed below the rankings in the wordpress post or page. Created with sports teams and athlete list / rankings in mind, but can be used for anything you want to easily list or rank. We came up with this idea to help multiple authors list / rank players on our fantasy football website. We’ve seen people use this to rank the top sports teams and players for fantasy baseball and fantasy basketball too. Many schools and sports clubs use this plugin to rank thier players.

Optimized for ranking athletes. For example, you can upload (or manually create) a list of sports players and then authors can drag and drop how they want to rank said player. You can create top 10 list, top 100 list, top 10 rankings etc for NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL players with ease! Fantasy football websites will find this extremely useful when creating fantasy football rankings for the draft and weekly matchups.

Key features:

  • Upload or manually create default list to be used on any rankings / list you desire.
  • Multiple Authors
  • Composite of all authors list / rankings
  • Show Gravatar for Authors above their name and rankings / list table.
  • Users can sort rankings in the post for each author, default order is based on composite.
  • Set default rank order for authors when created list.
  • Drag and drop items being ranked (wordpress admin area)
  • Upload csv list of items (players) or manually enter them.
  • Three custom fields for adding information about items being ranked. example: Player Name, Team, Position

How To Create Rankings

This plugin was created with a multi-author blog in mind. If you’re not a multi-author blog the process will seem overly complicated but it’s segmented the way it is because it was created with multi-author blogs in mind. You do not need to run a multi-author blog for this plugin to work.

Site admins are the only people allowed to create list and list groups. The list group is what authors will see (and edit/rank) in the “rankings” section located directly below the “post” section in the wordpress admin panel.

  • For example, you have a list of quarterbacks from the 2017 NFL season. You upload this as a csv in the “lists” section and name the list “2017 Quarterbacks”. Now you can use this list of players for multiple purposes. The purpose is called “list group”. So the first list group we will assign our list to is going to be “Week 1 QB Rankings”. And we will also make a list group for “The Top 10 Quarterbacks in 2017”. Once we’ve created those groups and assigned the list “2017 Quarterbacks” to those groups, wordpress will show those groups in the “rankings” section. From within the rankings section you and your authors can drag and drop the players (items) in the order your prefer. Now just grab the shortcode for the “list group” and insert it into a post.

Admins can create player lists and list groups. By default, only admins and editors can adjust their rankings. To add more roles such as author and contributor please visit the ranker settings page.

Step By Step:

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Go to Ranker Admin -> List – Upload or Create Lists of Items. Field 1: is default order, field 2 through 4 can be whatever you like.
  3. Go to Ranker Admin -> List Group – Create a new “group”. Choose a list created in the previous step. Click publish. This gives you a shortcode to be used in post or page for the list group.
  4. Now go to “Rankings” just below the Add Post option and edit your rankings! Drag and drop rankings where you desire as well as add comments.
  5. Copy the “list group” shortcode (from step 3) and paste it in post or page where you would like to see your list / rankings. If a user (you or another author) updates their rankings, the post must be updated by clicking the “update” button. If you don’t update the post it won’t pull in the new rankings updated by you and your authors.

READ THIS: If the above directions are hard to follow please view the screenshots here to get another perspective. Also, if you have issues with the CSV upload read this post about CSV files in windows and MAC.

We use custom post types to create list and rankings.

Unlock all feature and Remove Credits

If you enable some of the powerful features found in settings, a credit will be placed below your list pointing to and

If you wish to unlock all the features and remove the credits contact kurt at fantasy knuckleheads dot com for premium version.

Examples of how to use:

  1. Top 10 list (up to 1000)
  2. Ranking Sports Teams
  3. Fantasy Football Rankings (baseball, basketball, hockey, etc)
  4. Power Rankings
  5. Plugin Rankings / Top WordPress Plugins
  6. You can rank and list anything you want! Great list creator.


  • All features enabled (see the photo above)
  • STEP 1: Creating "list" (see the photo above)
  • STEP 2: Upload and click "insert into post" - make sure LINK URL is populated, if it isn't you need to click "file URL" then click "Insert into Post"
  • STEP 3: Creating a "list group" (we used to call this "ranker")
  • STEP 4: Add a "list" to the "list group"- select list from drop down menu
  • STEP 5A: Creating Rankings - this is where each person (author or higher) can actaully go create the rankings users will see in the post or page you have placed the ranker shortcode in.
  • STEP 5B: What the authors see when creating rankings, in this photo they have deleted 22 items from the default list and created their top 10.
  • STEP 6: Publishing Post with the "list group" shortcode
  • Ranker Settings - Enable advanced settings to show avatars and comments and multiple authors rankings (not just admin) - to disable the credits a premium version must be purchased - email for a premium version.


When I change my rankings in the “ranker” – the post doesn’t update with the new rankings

If Rankings are updated the post must be updated (if using WP-SUPER-CACHE or simular) by clicking the “update” button within the post where the rankings shortcode is placed.

I can’t UPLOAD CSV files

Make sure LINK URL is populated when you upload the csv file, if not then click “file URL” then click “Insert into Post”.

Also make sure the file only have four fields with the first field being the default list order (1,2,3 etc).

What are the four fields used for when manually creating list?

You can upload CSV file in a format like Default rank, Player name, Team, Position – one player per line.
But you can substitute Player name, Team, Position to list anything you like.

  • Example: Default rank, State, City, Zip
  • Example: Default rank, Actor
  • Example: Default rank, Plugin Name, Author

How do I give all authors and above the ability to modify rankings?

Admins can enable this feature in the Ranker Admin –> Ranker Settings (Allow all users to rank (not only admins))

How do I enable author gravatar?

Admins can enable the gravatar feature in the Ranker Admin –> Ranker Settings (Show Avatars)

How do I enable Show Author Comments?

Admins can enable the comment feature in the Ranker Admin –> Ranker Settings (Show Comments)


29 Marzo 2017
I have a multiple authors and this allows us to rank players like they do on the big sites like espn and yahoo etc. Thank you for creating this and letting us use it!!
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • updated deprecated jquery .live to .on


  • updated to support PHP version 7+


  • updated the terms used to be clearer to the site admin
  • added nonce to backend csv upload to protect site


  • updated readme


  • fixed count bug


  • added option to show composite rankings in the first column
  • logged in users will now see their rankings first
  • added option and shortcode parameter to limit amount of users shown
  • users are shown in random order in case there are more users that user limit
  • added option and shortcode parameter to limit amount of players shown
  • added user roles choice for ranking and commenting
  • composite rankings now show actual average player position instead of relative avarage position
  • fixed bugs with file uploading
  • fixed some other minor bugs
  • improved code for better performace and flexibility, shortcode code completely rewritten from scratch
  • improved AJAX call for csv file uploading now follows WordPress standards
  • added file type restricton – now only csv files are accepted for import
  • replaced table sorting script for better performance
  • changed css structure for better styling flexibility


  • updated


  • updated instructions


  • made adjustments so it will work with some more themes


  • centered table rows


  • removed whitespace that caused issues with feed


  • Fixed the order when there is only one author participating in rankings
  • Fixed the sorting issue when there are multiple rankers on the same page


  • Updated plugin location URL


  • Updated read me


  • Fixed the order when there is only one author participating in rankings
  • Fixed the sorting issue when there are multiple rankers on the same page


  • Rank is now updated when draging and dropping elements while ranking


  • Removed composite ranking if only one user ranked
  • Added 5px padding around user names
  • Increased priority of admin metaboxes from default to high


Initial Plugin upload