Starcat Review – WordPress Reviews & Rating Plugin with Woocommerce Integration


StarCat Review is a complete end-to-end WordPress Review plugin, to quickly create any type of review website with ease. It also allows you to include a review system in any page or post such as blog posts, custom post types or even your WooCommerce Store.

You can create almost anything from a simple customer review page in a business site to a complete product rating and review website with affiliate links.


  • Change the default WooCommerce reviews with custom settings
  • Ratings can have multi-rating criteria
  • Gives you an author review system for review posts
  • Can enable user review and rating for post or pages
  • Admin can reply to user review
  • Users can upvote reviews
  • Review section can have a inline search bar
  • Sorting options for reviews
  • Enable Google reCAPTCHA to submit reviews
  • Limit a user to give only 1 review
  • Users can edit their reviews
  • Allow logged in or non-logged in users to submit a review
  • Approve user reviews manually
  • Customizable rating system with custom rating icon option
    Review Schema for Google Rich Snippets

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WooCommerce integration for product reviews

It is a customer review plugin that has full integration with WooCommerce to replace the default product reviews with an advanced ratings and review system.
You can upgrade to WooCommerce Notifications PRO add-on to send review reminder emails for WooCommerce customers to give product reviews.

Author review to create review post

Allows Author (anyone with backend access) to give editorial reviews in posts and pages. This feature is useful for review bloggers and for sites who give editorial reviews.
You can disable user reviews for posts and have only author review or you can have both in a post.
To extend this feature you can upgrade to Review Post Type add-on (PRO) that will give you a Review CPT.

Include reviews anywhere
It works similar to WP post rating plugins but it is more powerful and allows you to include the review system into any post or pages even with custom post types.

Engaging and customizable user rating and review system

It has an easy to use user rating and review system and users can give reviews as easily as posting a comment in WordPress. You user reviews can have:
* Show overall rating stats
* Multiple rating criteria
* Pros and Cons
* Review search bar
* Review sorting
* Helpful review voting

Have full-control over the reviews
You get full control over the review and you can:
* Allow registered or unregistered (logged in or non-logged in) users to submit reviews
* Approve user reviews manually (review moderation)
* The admin can reply to user reviews
* Can limit a user to give 1 review
* Customize the user review form
* Change the rating icon or upload custom icon, change the color of icon or the labels

Google reCAPTCHA for Reviews
Can enable Google reCAPTCHA for users before submitting reviews. This could stop spam and fake reviews

Rank higher in Google with Review Schema

Implements Review Schema markup (from on your pages so that user ratings can be displayed in Google SERPs as Rich Snippets. It could increase your click-through rate and your page ranking in Google.

Premium Add-ons

Review Post Type Add-on Gives you a Review custom post type to create a full-fledged review website with pages such as:
* Review Main Page
* Review Category Page
* Review Archive Page and
* Single Review Post
This add-on also comes with a Review Sidebar and Review Listing widget

Comparison Table Add-on Allows you to create a comparison table and embed it using shortcodes on any post or page to create product comparison posts and pages.

Photo Reviews Add-onAllows users to attach the images and other media files along with their review and rating. You can use it in your eCommerce store as WooCommerce photo reviews to show social proof to customers

WooCommerce Notification Add-onYou can automatically send review reminder emails to notify customers to write a product review.

Premium Add-on Bundles
You can get the premium add-ons in bundled pricing.
* Personal bundle: Photo Reviews and WooCommerce Notifications add-ons
* Business bundle: All premium add-ons including Reviews CPT, Comparison Table, Photo Reviews and WooCommerce Notifications add-ons

Who can use this review plugin?

  • Anyone who wants to add review posts to your existing blogs where you can add review posts within your blog
  • People who want to include a user review system in any page or post and receive ratings and reviews from users and customers
  • Those who want to have editorial reviews and user generated reviews on the same post
  • If you want to create niche review websites like Movie review website, Hosting review website, Makeup review website, Business review website, etc.,
  • Very useful for review bloggers look for a WordPress product review plugin to create product review blogs and earn affiliate commission by writing product reviews.
  • It can use used as a WordPress book review plugin for starting a book blog with WordPress since book bloggers write book reviews and recommendations


  • User review with Multi-criteria, Reply, Voting, Pros & Cons, Search and Sort
  • Google reCAPTCHA to submit reviews
  • Review settings page
  • User review settings
  • Author rating and review in post
  • Review CPT - Single Post (PRO)
  • Comparison Table (PRO)


Questo plugin fornisce 2 blocchi.

  • Starcat Review - WordPress Reviews & Rating Plugin with Woocommerce Integration
  • Starcat Review - WordPress Reviews & Rating Plugin with Woocommerce Integration


  1. Upload the entire starcat review folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen (Plugins > Installed Plugins).


23 Febbraio 2021
Excellent plugin it may improve in the future
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Starcat Review – WordPress Reviews & Rating Plugin with Woocommerce Integration” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fix: Remove email address showing from review in the page html
  • Fix: Elementor and WCFM – WooCommerce Frontend Manager plugin conflicts
  • General Fixes


  • Fix: Reply to an user review is not getting submitted if the Re-captcha option is enabled
  • Feature: Option to disable the user review completely


  • Fix: Starcat Review Conflict with Elementor plugin
  • Fix: User Review gets submitted even when Photos are not uploaded


  • Fix: User review is not getting published if the Re-captcha option is enabled
  • Fix: User Rating are published even before the review is approved


  • Feature: Added a Seperate Woocommerce Settings for reviewing Woo-Products
  • Fix: User Review is not getting submitted when the feature criteria name has a special character in it
  • General Fixes


  • Feature: Automatically add reviews to woocommerce
  • Fix: Issue where deactivating woocommerce causes Fatal Error


  • Feature: Premium tease added with Bundle and Addon links
  • Feature: Free version Starcat Review plugin
  • Fix: Sanitized all $_POST data
  • House-Keeping: Codestar Settings Framework Plugin verion 2.1.8 updated
  • General Fixes


  • Fix: Ratings Column for post types in the dashboard ratings are not displaying from V0.6
  • Fix: Product review template replaced by other woocommerce review plugins
  • Fix: Display dashboard user reviews of below v0.6
  • Fix: Support forum link added
  • Fix: Starcat settings menu from Multisite Network Dashboard
  • Fix: Starcat Review and its Add-on’s plugins activation Issues
  • Feature: Starcat Review and its add-ons plugins multi-site support
  • Feature: Option to show Verified Owner label
  • General Fixes

  • Fix: Starcat Review Photo Reviews add-on not displaying in user review
  • Fix: Starcat Review add-ons settings not added in starcat review settings
  • House-Keeping: Freemius SDK verion updated


  • Feature: Auto Approve Review settings added
  • Feature: Starcat Review Internationalization
  • Feature: German Translation ready
  • Fix: Non-logged-in users submitted reviews shows author as Anonymous
  • General Fixes


  • Feature: Photo Reviews Addon (sold also as a Bundle)
  • Feature: WooCommerce Integration
  • General Fixes


  • Feature: Comparison Table Addon (sold also as a Bundle)
  • Fix: Multisite issues


  • Fix: Fixed an issue with non-logged-in user reviews


  • Feature: Non-logged in user reviews
  • Feature: Support for Notification addon (sold via Bundle)


  • Feature: Sorting and Search for Woocommerce and other CPT User Reviews
  • Feature: Google’s Recaptcha for User Reviews
  • Feature: Most Helpful Reviews
  • Feature: Option to change color of stars (or other rating icons)


  • Fix: Show CPT Settings in Mutli Site


  • Initial release