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Create a stunning price list (price table/pricing table) with ease and make it your virtual high-quality brochure. It was developed for small businesses, spas, salons, restaurants, retail and more.

In order to convert visitors into customers, this plugin will display the information they are looking for, preventing them from being confused and leaving your site.

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Pricing Table Features

Category Tab
The category tab feature will improve your user experience, reduce clutter, and add clarity. For example, if the user only wants to get a haircut, they will click on the ‘Hair Cut’ category.

Search & Filter
Give users the ability to filter through larger pricing lists to find the products and services they want. This can increase your sales by 7-9%, since the user finds what they’re looking for.

Stunning Template Skins
There are over 8+ styles available, allowing you to quickly see which one looks best on your site.

Drag & Drop
Build your price list faster, and stay organized, with the drag and drop builder.

Branding & Styling
Your headings, category titles, and service titles can be customized according to your taste in font, colour, and type. The price table can be completely customized.

Any Language
This plugin was designed to work with most languages for the front-end and backend.

Look Great on Mobile with Responsive Design
Mobile-friendly and responsive, the Stylish Price List works well on all devices. Stylish Price List will make your pricelist and website beautiful on mobile, tablet and laptop devices!

Embed To Page
Easily add to any page, with any theme and any page builder, with the shortcode feature.

Fast & Secure
Stylish Price List will keep your website loading fast, and, secure!

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  • Stylish Price List


  1. Upload the entire stylish-price-list folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Attiva il plugin attraverso il menu ‘Plugin’ in WordPress.
  3. You will find the \’Stylish Price List\’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.


Per l’elenco completo delle FAQ, visitare.

Qual è la differenza tra la versione Pro e quella gratuita?

Free is only for testing purposes and only allows users to input a few products and services, to see how well it works on their sites.
The PRO version is the rest of the features listed above.

Come si crea un listino prezzi con Elementor?

Our pricing list works great for Elementor. Build your price list in Stylish Price List’s dashboard and copy the shortcode to the code widget in Elementor or Elementor Pro.

How do I build a pricing table for WP Bakery?

Our pricing list works for WP Bakery. Build your pricing table in Stylish Price List’s dashboard and copy the shortcode to the shortcode widget in WP Bakery or WP Bakery Premium.

Come si crea un listino prezzi in WordPress con Gutenberg?

To build a price list in WordPress, use the the Stylish Price List plugn by entering the dashboard, building your price list, then copy the shortcode to the shortcode widget in Gutenberg.

Can I show a discount by displaying an original price and a new price?

Da gennaio 2021 stiamo lavorando a questa funzione. Nel momento in cui lo stai leggendo, potrebbe essere già stata sviluppata. Per ora, puoi aggiungere il prezzo originale nell’area di descrizione del servizio.

Come si crea un listino prezzi in WordPress?

Per creare un listino prezzi in WordPress, ti consigliamo di utilizzare il nostro plugin “Stylish Price List” È facile da usare, veloce, sicuro ed elegante.

Come aggiungere un listino prezzi in WordPress?

To add a price list in WordPress, you would download and install the Stylish Price List plugin, then build your list and copy the shortcode onto your web page.

Does Stylish Price List have a buy now button I can for users to buy my services?

Sì, abbiamo questa funzione. La puoi vedere quando aggiungi i tuoi servizi.

Qual è la differenza tra un listino prezzi e una tabella prezzi?

Una tabella prezzi viene normalmente utilizzata per mettere a confronto i diversi prezzi di un prodotto o servizio. Ad esempio, se sei uno sviluppatore web e vendi pacchetti bronzo, argento e oro. Un listino prezzi può essere utilizzato anche per un salone, una spa, un ristorante o qualsiasi attività che venda prodotti e servizi diversi non correlati tra loro, ad esempio l’acquisto di un iPhone 6, iPhone 7 e iPhone 8, ecc. .

I colori o i font non funzionano correttamente sulla mia tabella dei prezzi

  1. Try temporarily changing your theme in the theme settings under the Appearance tab. Change your theme to the basic stock theme that WordPress comes standard with and see if this fixes the issue. Do not worry; changing your theme wont lose any customizations or changes you’ve made.
  2. Try investigating if your themes core color settings are interfering or overriding the plugin by seeing it the font and color that is appearing is set somewhere in your theme settings.
  3. Are you using Visual Composer, Beaver or any other Page Builders? Make sure the short-code [pricelist id=”1494263699″] is placed in the Raw HTML, Site Origin Text Editor, or any other widget that does not alter the CSS of your input.
  4. Still having issues?
    Please visit Please include the direct link to the page that contains your price list, as well as a temporary admin login for us to login to your WordPress site and check it out in detail.

What exactly is the title and categories in reference to (pricing table)?

I’m having an issue with special characters in another language or currency signs showing up weird after saving ( pricing table )?

Se riscontri un problema con caratteri speciali e lingue che vengono visualizzate in modo strano dopo il salvataggio, consulta questo articolo che spiega come risolvere il problema.”


18 Marzo 2024 1 risposta
I use this to build restaurant menus and it works GREAT! I had a couple of formatting challenges but their support team is super fast and easy to work with. Highly recommend!
28 Febbraio 2024
Very easy to set up and use. when an issue with the license occurred the support team helped fixing the issue in a timely manner.
18 Febbraio 2024
For a WordPress beginner like me, it's important to be able to use simple but good-looking tools. For a website, I was looking for a price list tool and came across this plugin: Stylish Pricelist fulfills this requirement to a great extent and allows for easy design of price lists. Since I'm only at the beginning of using the tool, I haven't been able to take full advantage of the possibilities that the plugin offers. With a small problem with the sorting, the service helped me quickly and extremely competently. So I'm glad that I can easily manage prize information on the website.
23 Dicembre 2022 1 risposta
Guys, this plugin is just great, you have so much freedom in creating different styled price lists that look good and responsive. And for 25 bucks you get premium support, they were so fast in respoding to me when I had a problem activating the license, they even helped me resolve it even if it was my fault in the php settings! Can't reccomend it enough! 10/10
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