Questo plugin è stato chiuso il 12 Dicembre 2022 e non è più disponibile per il download. Motivazione: Problema di sicurezza.


25 Maggio 2021
Não é muito intuitivo, mas sabendo usar pode ser ótimo para inserir seu estilo em qualquer site e em qualquer parte da página.
13 Giugno 2019
Oops! I'm having a problem with your plugin. I installed it, but when I click on style this page the loader runs endlessly. I can not use the plugin. What to do ?
13 Febbraio 2019
Pretty cool plugin for the ability to fine grain control element styles, and it works nicely. There are a couple concerns. When styling mode, you are out of WP standard editor and into the plugin's totally own editing environment. When done, you'll need to exit the styling mode - strangely it takes you to the front end view. Then you've have to navigate back to the page edit mode you started out in the first place. This seems a cumbersome process. I wish the plugin makes use of the same WP standard editing GUI - just one central place to work. Secondly, once you've styled an element, the plugin adds a CSS class to that element. You can view the CSS properties while in styling mode. Though I wonder where the CSS code will be stored in the end? As a developer, you would want to know where the CSS is stored. Thank you. -- Update: After saving and existing the styling mode, I have to go back to WP admin, open the page again to work on other parts. Strangely, when I save the same page again after editing other things, the text color I applied using Styling is gone. I started the whole process again, and same thing happened. This confirms my concern how the CSS code is stored. Something about this method is not stable, I can't risk loosing hours of work. This plugin is not ready for primetime.
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