SumUp Payment Gateway For WooCommerce


Fai crescere il tuo business accettando pagamenti tramite SumUp nel tuo negozio WooCommerce.

The SumUp plugin for WooCommerce offers consumers a seamless payment experience with their favourite payment methods in just a few steps. The payments are processed through the SumUp payment platform, so you can see them alongside your in-store sales. It’s affordable, easy to set up and use, and simply a better way to get paid.




SumUp is authorised as a Payment Institution by the Financial Conduct Authority and is Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) and PCI-DSS certified.
This ensures that payments are processed in accordance with the highest security standards.


  • SumUp processes in 11 currencies
  • SumUp supports 22 languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish

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  • Il pannello di impostazioni utilizzato per configurare il gateway
  • Un checkout con SumUp


Installazione automatizzata

Automatic installation is the easiest option, as WordPress will handle the file transfer and you won�t need to leave your web browser.
Note: Ensure the WooCommerce plugin is pre-installed prior to initiating the steps in this guide.

  1. Installa il plugin tramite la sezione “Plugin” nella Bacheca
    1.1. Fai clic su “Aggiungi nuovo” e cerca “SumUp Payment Gateway for WooCommerce”
    1.2. Fai clic poi sul pulsante “Installa ora”
    1.3. Fai clic su “Attiva” per attivare il plugin
  2. Enter your Credentials from your SumUp account (client ID, client secret and email) and configure any settings needed

Installazione manuale

The manual installation method involves downloading our plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application. WordPress contains instructions on how to do this.


Funziona con carta di credito e di debito?

Sì. Potrai accettare carte Visa, VPay, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover.

Quali valute supporta il plugin?

Supportiamo 11 valute e ne aggiungeremo altre. Vedi tutte le valute qui.

Which Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) are supported?

At SumUp you can process online payments with Boleto, Bancontact, iDeal & Sofort. Read more about our APMs in our official developer documentation.

How can I enable Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)?

Our Support team will enable the APMs that are relevant to your business location. Reach out to us through our contact form for assistance.

Dove posso trovare la documentazione?

Puoi trovare tutte le informazioni necessarie su come impostare il tuo plugin qui.

Dove posso ottenere supporto in caso di necessità?

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us through our contact form.

Questo supporta sia la modalità di produzione che la modalità sandbox per i test?

Yes. If you need a testing environment, please contact us through our contact form.


5 Giugno 2024
the new update is really great but it would have been even better if we could have changed the color of the payment button and also the message that is “PAY [ORDER SUM]” by a personalized message or simply by “pay now”. it’s really this kind of small detail that increases the conversion rate a bit like stripe does. In any case thank you for the update and I really hope you will improve the plugin. Sincerely
30 Maggio 2024
Fais ce qu’il dit : mettre la plateforme de paiment sumup sur woocommerce et.. c’est toutCeci n’est plus d’actualité ! L’autre souci est qu’il ne faut pas passer par la version block de woocommerce, mais par le shortcode pour que sumup fonctionne comme moyen de paiement. Dommage et peu convivial. Ce qui devrait être ajouté pour être utile : synchronisation des produits woocommerce avec la boutique en ligne Sumup synchronisation des clients entre woocommerce et la boutique en ligne Sumup Sans cela, le plugin ne sert pas à grand-chose, surtout qu’il n’ajoute pas Apple Pay ni G-Pay. Ne pas oublier, de nos jours, tout le monde paie par : cartes téléphone (apple pay, g-pay, s-pay, etc) paypal et en Suisse avec Twint Si Sumup ajoute toutes ses possibilités de paiement + synchronisations mentionnées ci-dessus, il deviendra véritablement un incontournable. Pour le moment, on peut s’en passer. Do as it says: put the sumup payment platform on woocommerce and… that’s it. The other problem is that you don’t have to go through the block version of woocommerce, but through the shortcode for sumup to work as a payment method. A shame and not very user-friendly. What should be added to be useful: synchronisation of woocommerce products with the Sumup online shop synchronisation of customers between woocommerce and the Sumup online shop Without this, the plugin isn’t much use, especially as it doesn’t add Apple Pay or G-Pay. Don’t forget, these days everyone pays by : cards phone (apple pay, g-pay, s-pay, etc) paypal and in Switzerland with Twint If Sumup adds all its payment options, it will truly become a must-have. For the moment, you can do without it.
9 Aprile 2024
No synchronization with woocommerce products.This plugin only lets you add a Sumup payment method at checkout.A shame…Other POS solutions look so much better… I already regret my choice…
29 Gennaio 2024
This is only a payment gateway for SumUp, there is no integration with your SumUp account to synchronise items, inventory, etc. There is so much more this plugin could do (see SquareUp for an example of what it could do). Also SumUp does not have an online terminal (like SquareUp does). I abandoned this and just used WooPayments (based on Stripe) instead.
20 Gennaio 2024
TL;DR pick any other gateway. This is clearly an afterthought from SumUp. Gosh what a mess. For some reason the test mode checkbox has disappeared. Was assured by support that with a test oAuth app no funds would be taken. Not true – the test setup did debit real cash. Why was I using a real card? Because SumUp do not have test cards and the card needed to be valid. Any valid card numbers were being declined so gave real card details. Support – omg. Friendly enough but the whole setup, even in test is completely babysat by support. If you were planning on spending the afternoon setting up your test site you won’t get very far at all as support need to enable the relevant settings in your account which takes 24-48 hours. I already had a fully functioning production account being used for physical POS, so this should have been a breeze. But no, we had to go back and forth so that support could tick a greyed out checkbox I couldn’t be trusted to tick myself. Oh and we were having a great back and forth getting the support I needed, but when I mentioned cash was taken from my account in test, radio silence. If this is the level of support to go live and give SumUp money, I dread to think what level of support I would get if I had a production issue.
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Contributi e sviluppo

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* Fixed: Warning PHP message.
* Fixed: Message diff currency appearing before update.

* Improvements: Added support for WooCommerce checkout blocks.
* Fixed: Warning message when there is a currency mismatch between WooCommerce and the SumUp account.
* Fixed: Pix payment appearing even when disabled in the plugin settings.


  • Improvements: Support for WordPress 6.5.2.
  • Fixed: Critical error when saving settings.


  • New: Onbording to connect with SumUp account.
  • Improvements: Compatibility with WordPress 6.4.
  • Fixed: Automatic redirect to success page without payment being processed.
  • Fixed: Update order status after payment conclusion.


  • Fixed: In some flows order status can be updated two times.
  • Fixed: error to get country from checkout.
  • Fixed: validation of credentials on settings.
  • Improvements: add more details to logs.
  • Improvements: compatibility with WordPress 6.4.


  • Improvements: error message during setup.


  • Improvements: do not hide the card widget on submit if has any invalid data.
  • Improvements: flow to validate payments with redirect (like 3Ds).


  • Improvements: credentials validation on plugin settings.


  • Improvements: Update order status to cancelled when 3Ds validation failed.
  • Improvements: Logs during checkout.


  • Fixed: 3Ds payments redirect.
  • Fixed: webhook order confirmation.
  • Fixed: card widget close when clicked on it (modal disabled).


  • New: Accept payments with alternative payment methods (Follow guides for enabling in your account)
  • New: Accept card payments with installments in BR.
  • New: Accept payments with Apple Pay.
  • New: Support for WooCommerce stock management feature
  • New: New user experience configuration: merchant can choose to open the payment option in a pop-up instead of the checkout page.
  • Improvements: Display WooCommerce order Id on SumUp Sales History.
  • Improvements: Added transaction code to order description on WooCommerce
  • Improvements: Added checkout_id in order notes to improve customer support
  • Improvements: New settings screen for easier setup
  • Improvements: Multiple code maintenance improvements.
  • Improvements: Support for WordPress 6.3
  • Improvements: Require PHP version 7.2 or greater.
  • Fixed: Errors during checkout that caused duplicated payment.
  • Fixed: Issues loading payment methods on checkout.
  • Fixed: Issue with customer creation during checkout that caused duplicated payment.


  • Changed: Checkout improvement.
  • Changed: WooCommerce order id in description.


  • New: Added new currencies.
  • New: Checkout-id on payment form.
  • Changed: Rephrase Error messages.


  • Initial release.